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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Minnesota Statutes is a compilation of the general and permanent laws of the state. Read more...
Statutes for prior years are also available.

Table of Chapters

List of Statute Chapters by Part
Chapters Title
1 Elections
2 Congressional Districts
3 The Legislature
4 Statutes
5 Printing and Distribution of Laws and Documents
6 State Officers
7 Salaries
8 Counties and County Officers
9 Resignations, Vacancies and Kemovals
10 Townships, Villages, Cities
11 Taxes
12 Military Code
13 Roads, Cartways, Turnpikes, Ferries and Bridges
14 The Law of the Road
15 Relief of the Poor, County System, Town System
16 Intoxicating Liquors
17 Bastards
18 Partition Fences
19 Estrays, Unclaimed Property, and Beasts Doing Damage
20 Game, Fish, Destruction of Certain Animals
21 Weights and Measures
22 Official Seals
23 Of Money, Bonds, Bills of Exchange, Etc.; Interest on Money
24 Regulation of Labor
25 Indians
26 Notaries Public
27 Reporter of Supreme Court
28 Auctioneers
29 Town Plats
30 Limited Partnership
31 Dams and Mills
32 Logs and Lumber
33 Banks and Banking
34 Corporations
35 Charitable Institutions
36 Education
37 University of Minnesota
38 Public Lands
39 Land for State and United States Purposes
40 Drainage and Drains
41 Hotels and Boarding Houses, Protection Against Fire
42 Bounties, Nursery Stock, Patent Eights
43 Masters, Apprentices, Servants
44 Married Women
45 Marriage
46 Divorce
47 Adoption of Children
48 Change of Names of Persons
49 Homestead Exemption
50 Estates in Real Property
51 Estates in Dower and by the Curtesy
52 Uses and Trusts
53 Powers
54 Official Tmsts
55 Deeds. Mortgages and Other Conveyances
56 Chattel Mortgages
57 Frauds, Assignments
58 Oaths and Acknowledgments
59 Liens
60 Arbitrators
61 Attorneys and Counselors
62 Contempts
63 Supreme Court
64 District Courts
65 Courts of Justices of the Peace
66 Civil Actions
67 Petit Juries
68 Appeals in Civil Actions
69 Witnesses and Evidence
70 Costs
71 Fees
72 Writ of Mandamus
73 Writ of Prohibition
74 Wirt of Habeus Corpus
75 Actions to Vacate Charters and Letters Patent, and to Prevent the Usurpation of an Offce Or Franchis
76 Foreclosure of Mortgages
77 Acctions Concerning, and Rights in Real Property
78 Actions for the Partition of Real Property
79 Forcible Entries And Unlawful Detainers
80 Actions by Persons Holding Claims on United States Lands
81 Actions Against Boats and Vessels
82 Actions on Offcial Securities and to Recover Fines and Forfeitures
83 Actions Respecting Corporations
84 Actions by or Against Executors, Administrators and Heirs
85 The Probate Code
86 The Penal Code
87 Of the Rights of Persons Accused
88 Search-Warrants
89 Demanding Fugitives from Justice
90 Proceedings to Prevent the Commission of Crimes
91 Arrests
92 Examination of Offenders, Commitment for Trial, and Taking Bail
93 Grand-Juries
94 Indictments
95 Arraignment of Defendant
96 Setting Aside Indictment
97 Demurrers
98 Pleas
99 Change of Venue in Criminal Cases
100 Issues and Mode of Trial
101 Criminal Calendar
102 Challenging Jurors
103 Appeals and Writs of Error in Criminal Cases
104 Judgments in Criminal Cases and the Execution Thereof
105 Pardons
106 Jails and Prisons
107 Of the Express Repeal of Existing Laws