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Side by Side Document Bill Left Document(s) Right Document(s)
Child Care Licensing SF3310
Child Foster Care HF3265
Metropolitan Council SF2809
House only - Local Govt. SF3656
Housing SF3656
Unemployment Insurance SF3656
Workers' Compensation SF3656
Labor and Industry SF3656
Economic Development Policy SF3656
Jobs Appropriations SF3656
Public Safety Art 1 - Appropriations SF3656
Public Safety Art 2 - Courts SF3656
Public Safety Art 3 - PubSafety and Corrections SF3656
Public Safety Art 4 - General Crime SF3656
Public Safety Art 5 - Sex Offenders SF3656
Public Safety Art 6 - Predatory Offenders SF3656
Public Safety Art 7 - DWI SF3656
K12-School Safety SF3656
K12-General Education SF3656
K12-Education Excellence SF3656
K12-Teachers SF3656
K12-Special Education SF3656
K12-Facilities, Tech. and Libraries SF3656
K12-Nutrition SF3656
K12-Early Childhood Educ. SF3656
K12-Self-Sufficiency SF3656
K12-State Agencies SF3656
K12-Forecast Adjustments SF3656
Transportation SF3656
State Government Approp. SF3656
State Government SF3656
HHS - Art 22 Health Care SF3656
HHS - Art 23 Health Department SF3656
HHS - Art 24 Health Coverage SF3656
HHS - Art 25 Health-Related Licensing Boards SF3656
HHS - Art 26 Prescription Monitoring Program SF3656
HHS - Art 27 Protection of Vulnerable Adults SF3656
HHS - Art 28 Children SF3656
HHS - Art 29 State-Operated Services SF3656
HHS - Art 30 Community Supports SF3656
HHS - Art 31 Human Services Forecast Adjustments SF3656
HHS - Art 32 Appropriations SF3656
HHS - Miscellaneous SF3656
Energy Finance SF3656
Energy Policy SF3656
Telecommunications SF3656
Environment SF3656
Miscellaneous Finance SF3656
Agriculture Policy SF3656
Agriculture Finance SF3656
Higher Education SF3656

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