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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Duties

  • Bill Drafting for Agencies
  • Amendment Drafting
  • Resolution Drafting
  • Revisor's Bills
  • Form Approvals of Bills
  • House Committee Reports
  • Conference Committee Reports
  • Comparison Reports
  • Conference Committee Comparison Reports
  • Desk Comparison Reports
  • Engrossing and Enrolling
  • Engrossments
  • Enrollments

Administrative Rule-Related Duties

  • Rule Drafting
  • Form Approvals of Rules
  • Proposed Rules
  • Modifications
  • Notices of Adoption
  • Adopted Rules


  • Laws of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Statutes and Supplement
  • Indexes
  • Minnesota Rules and Supplement
  • Court Rules
  • Local Laws Tables
  • Bill Drafting Manual
  • Rule Drafting Manual
  • Rulemaking Guide

Legal Assistance and Liaison

  • Advice Concerning the Effect of Bills
  • Counsel to Subcommittee on Claims
  • Court Opinions Report
  • Uniform Laws Conference
  • Counsel and Information for Other State Offices and the General Public

Computer Services and Access to Data

  • Maintaining a Computer System
  • Computer Searches
  • Copies of, and Access to, Public Data