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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

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Legal Assistance and Liaison Duties

Advice Concerning the Effect of Bills

Source of mandate: Minnesota Statutes, section 3C.04, subdivision 1

At the request of members of the legislature, staff attorneys give advice concerning the legal effect of bills and proposed bills.

Counsel to Subcommittee on Claims

Source of mandate: Minnesota Statutes, section 3C.04, subdivision 6, and custom and usage of the legislature (requested by LCC)

At the request of the Legislative Coordinating Commission, the office has assigned a senior staff attorney to act as counsel to the Joint Senate/House Subcommittee on Claims. Duties include reviewing the hundreds of claims made to the subcommittee, making recommendations on each claim, acting as counsel at subcommittee hearings, and drafting the annual claims bill.

Court Opinions Report

Source of mandate: Minnesota Statutes, section 3C.04, subdivision 3

The office prepares a biennial report on Minnesota Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions that declare a statute unconstitutional, point out deficiencies in a statute, or recommend statutory changes. To produce the report, staff attorneys read and review every published case from the preceding two-year period. The report is written and edited by a senior staff attorney. Reports are submitted in November of each even-numbered year.

Uniform Laws Conference

Source of mandate: Minnesota Statutes, section 3.251

The revisor or the revisor's designated representative is one of Minnesota's four appointed commissioners to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

The office drafts and approves uniform laws at the request of Minnesota commissioners for introduction and consideration by the Minnesota Legislature.

Information for Other State Offices and the Public

Source of mandate: Minnesota Statutes, section 43A.04, subdivision 11, and custom and usage

Attorneys and other staff in the revisor's office respond to numerous questions from the public relating to laws, statutes, and rules.  Attorneys also inform the public by acting as faculty for continuing legal education, addressing classes in law or public administration and organizations such as the Interagency Rules Committee, and assisting with activities, such as the YMCA's Youth in Government program. The office provides computer searches that are also a source of information to state agencies and the public.

Along with its drafting duties, the office provides information to state agencies by offering seminars on general drafting topics and specialized drafting areas.  The office participates in the annual training seminar for agency rulemaking staff coordinated by the Department of Health.