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This page allows you to search for citations to uncoded laws enacted from 1945 through 2017 that were amended, repealed, or the subject of other action subsequent to their enactment. Uncoded laws are found only in Laws of Minnesota and are not assigned statutory coding in Minnesota Statutes. They include special laws, local laws, proposed constitutional amendments, appropriation laws, curative and validating laws, and temporary laws. The data is a compilation of entries found in Table 1 at the end of the 1945 to 2017 printed versions of Laws of Minnesota. Legislative action specifically affecting a prior session law that does not fit the categories "Amended" or "Repealed" is designated "Other Action" or "Effective date amended." Effective date amended refers only to effective dates that appear with a headnote in bold type immediately following the section.

Laws Amended

Search for Laws that have been amended by other Laws.

Laws Amending

Search for Laws that amend other Laws.
Amended Law Amending Law
Session Chapter Article Section Subd Action Session Chapter Article Section Subd
No actions found.