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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Minnesota Statutes is a compilation of the general and permanent laws of the state, incorporating new laws, amendments, or repeals of old law. Minnesota Statutes generally do not contain special laws, local laws, proposed constitutional amendments, appropriation acts, curative and validating acts, and temporary acts. All laws not included in Minnesota Statutes can be found in Laws of Minnesota (Minnesota Session Laws), in the volumes published in the year of their enactment.

On the Minnesota Legislative Web Site, Minnesota Statutes is updated each year. In print, Minnesota Statutes is published every two years, in the even-numbered year. A print supplement is issued in odd-numbered years to show changes made during that legislative session.

Sections and History notes

Minnesota Statutes is divided into chapters, but a reference to Minnesota Statutes will usually be to a section number. For example, chapter 335 of the statutes will be divided into sections, perhaps beginning with 335.01. The proper citation for this would be "Minnesota Statutes, section 335.01" or "Minnesota Statutes 1990, section 335.01."

The numbers at the end of a section represent the history of that particular section. For example, [1959 c 67 s 3; 1963 c 861 s 10; 1974 c 370 s20] means that the section was new in 1959 and was contained in the Laws of Minnesota 1959, chapter 67, section 3. It was amended in Laws 1963, chapter 861, section 10, and amended again in Laws 1974, chapter 370, section 20. If you look up those chapters of those particular Session Laws, you will find what changes were made.

Scope of Minnesota Statutes

Statewide laws are found in Minnesota Statutes and Minnesota Session Laws. In addition, Minnesota Rules contains state agency rules and regulations with the force of law. Additional law on a particular topic may be covered by federal laws or rules, or local ordinances and regulations.

Official Versions of Minnesota Statutes

Two versions of Minnesota Statutes published by the Revisor of Statutes are official publications:

  1. The first official version consists of the printed and bound paper edition of Minnesota Statutes published annually by the Revisor's office. (See, Minnesota Statutes, sections 3C.08, 3C.11, and 3C.13.)
  2. The second official version consists of the online, authenticated PDFs of chapters or sections of Minnesota statutes, which have been designated as official records by the Revisor of Statutes under Minnesota Statutes, section 3E.04, subdivision 2.
Online versions of Minnesota statutes are available at To authenticate a PDF of the statutes, click on the "authenticate" link located on the upper right side of a section or chapter web page, and follow the prompts.

Previous Editions of Minnesota Statutes

For past versions of the Minnesota Statutes back to 1851, go to the Minnesota Statutes Archive page.

To Learn More

See Laws, Statutes and Rules from the "Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature" page, the detailed User Guide from Minnesota Statutes, and the History of the Publication of Minnesota Statutory Law from Minnesota Statutes.