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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Rules are usually grouped under the agency that administers them. Some agencies are assigned one chapter in Minnesota Rules; others have many chapters. The chapters appear in alphabetical order by agency or department name. You can also find a rule by looking at the numerical arrangement of chapters. Read more... Minnesota Rules for prior years are also available. Authenticate Rule PDF.

Chapter Title Agency
1300 Building Code Labor and Industry Department
1301 Building Official Certification and Educ Labor and Industry Department
1302 Construction Approvals Labor and Industry Department
1305 Adoption of International Building Code Labor and Industry Department
1307 Elevators and Related Devices Labor and Industry Department
1309 International Residential Code Labor and Industry Department
1315 Electrical Code Labor and Industry Department
1346 Minnesota Mechanical and Fuel Gas Codes Labor and Industry Department
1505 Pest and Disease Control Agriculture Department
1510 Seeds, Fertilizers, Feeds Agriculture Department
1511 Grain Standards Testing Agriculture Department
1515 Livestock Agriculture Department
1540 Meat Inspection Agriculture Department
1550 Food; General Rules Agriculture Department
1562 Buying and Storing of Grain Agriculture Department
1800 Licensing and Operation Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design Board
1950 Licensure, Education, and Conduct Assessors Board
2500 Chiropractors' Licensing and Practice Chiropractic Examiners Board
2675 Financial Institutions Commerce Department
2890 Petroleum Tank Releases Commerce Department
2920 Adult Community-Based Residential Correc Corrections Department
3100 Dentists, Hygienists, and Assistants Dentistry Board
3315 Employer Taxes Employment and Economic Development Department
3325 Rehabilitation; Visually Impaired Employment and Economic Development Department
3501 Graduation Standards Education Department
3525 Children with a Disability Education Department
3801 Electrical Procedures and Training Labor and Industry Department
4410 Environmental Review Environmental Quality Board
4604 Immunization Health Department
4605 Communicable Diseases Health Department
4606 Cancer Surveillance System Health Department
4640 Hospital Licensing and Operation Health Department
4651 Health Care Provider Reporting Health Department
4654 Health Care Quality Measures Health Department
4658 Nursing Homes Health Department
4685 Health Maintenance Organizations Health Department
4690 Ambulance Services Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board
4715 Plumbing Code Plumbing Board
4716 Plumber Licensing and Apprentice Registr Plumbing Board
4731 Radiation Safety Health Department
4747 Alcohol and Drug Counselor Licensing Behavioral Health and Therapy Board
5200 Wages and Labor Labor and Industry Department
5202 Independent Contractor Exemption Certifi Labor and Industry Department
5205 Occupational Safety and Health Standards Labor and Industry Department
5219 Medical Record Cost Reimbursement Labor and Industry Department
5220 Rehabilitation and Compensation Labor and Industry Department
5221 Fees for Medical Services Labor and Industry Department
5222 Reimbursement; Coverage; Loggers Fund Labor and Industry Department
5601 Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Board
6133 Restitution Value for Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Department
6134 Endangered, Threatened, Special Concern Natural Resources Department
6212 Licenses and Permits Natural Resources Department
6230 Wildlife Management Natural Resources Department
6232 Big Game Natural Resources Department
6234 Small Game Natural Resources Department
6236 Turkey Hunting Natural Resources Department
6240 Migratory Birds Natural Resources Department
6242 Shooting Preserves and Game Farms Natural Resources Department
6262 Fishing Regulations and Requirements Natural Resources Department
6264 Designated Waters Natural Resources Department
6280 Aquatic Plants and Nuisances Natural Resources Department
6290 Fish and Wildlife Stamp Design Contests Natural Resources Department
6301 Program Approvals Nursing Board
6305 Professional and Practical Licensure Nursing Board
6310 Professional and Practical Registration Nursing Board
6800 Pharmacies and Pharmacists Pharmacy Board
7001 Permits and Certifications Pollution Control Agency
7002 Permit Fees Pollution Control Agency
7011 Standards for Stationary Sources Pollution Control Agency
7035 Solid Waste Pollution Control Agency
7041 Sewage Sludge Management Pollution Control Agency
7082 Local Ists Programs Pollution Control Agency
7404 Driver Licensing Agents Public Safety Department
7406 Motor Vehicle Deputy Registrars Public Safety Department
7409 Driving Privileges; Loss, Reinstatement Public Safety Department
7410 Driver Information, Licensing, and Testi Public Safety Department
7411 Driver Education Public Safety Department
7414 School Bus Driver Qualifications Public Safety Department
7421 Medical Qualifications for a Commercial Public Safety Department
7502 Intoxication Testing; Training Public Safety Department
7503 Driver'S License Revocation, Incidents Public Safety Department
7511 Fire Code Labor and Industry Department
7873 Horse Racing; Pari-Mutuel Rules Racing Commission
7876 Horse Racing; Stabling Racing Commission
7877 Horse Racing; Class C Licenses Racing Commission
7883 Horse Races Racing Commission
7890 Horse Medication Racing Commission
7897 Horse Racing; Prohibited Acts Racing Commission
8210 Absentee Ballots Secretary of State
8710 Teacher and Other School Professional Li Teaching Board
8810 Trunk Highway System Transportation Department
8820 Local State-Aid Route Standards, Financi Transportation Department
8895 Port Development Assistance Transportation Department
9050 Veterans Homes Veterans Affairs Department
9500 Assistance Payments Programs Human Services Department
9505 Health Care Programs Human Services Department
9520 Mental Health Services Human Services Department
9535 Program Grants; Persons Who Are Mentally Human Services Department
9545 Private Child Caring Or Placing Agencies Human Services Department
9555 Social Services for Adults Human Services Department
9560 Social Services for Children Human Services Department