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An administrative rule is a general statement adopted by an agency to make the law it enforces or administers more specific or to govern the agency's organization or procedure.

An agency may adopt a rule only after the legislature has enacted a law granting this authority to the agency. An agency rule that is adopted under the rulemaking provisions of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 14, has the force and effect of law. Rulemaking in Minnesota: A Guide explains each step of the rulemaking process in Minnesota.

Finding a Rule

Rules are usually grouped under the agency that administers them. Some agencies are assigned one chapter in Minnesota Rules; others have many chapters. The chapters appear in alphabetical order by agency or department name. You can also find a rule by looking at the numerical arrangement of chapters.

Within each chapter the rules are arranged in a decimal numbering system. In a part number, the four digits to the left of the decimal point match the chapter number. The four digits to the right of the decimal point assign a unique number to each rule in the chapter. No part number is smaller than .0001 or larger than .9999. You can get a specific rule if you know the part number assigned to it.

Web Update Schedule

Following publication of notice of adoption in the State Register, a new or amended rule is reviewed and incorporated into the revisor's rule database. When this update process is completed, the chapter or chapters containing the new or amended rule is or are updated on the website. The "Posted" date is the date on which the rule was placed on the website. Rules are updated on a chapter basis. If a single rule is added or amended within a chapter, the entire chapter containing the rule is updated on the website.

Print Publication

An official softbound edition of Minnesota Rules is published every odd-numbered year. In even-numbered years, a supplement is published.

Information on cost and availability of Minnesota Rules publications may be obtained by calling the Office of the Revisor of Statutes at (651) 296-2868 or Minnesota's Bookstore at (651) 297-3000.

Fair Use

The rules information on this website is intended for personal, not commercial, use. The Office of the Revisor of Statutes does not authorize further dissemination of this material for sale or any commercial purpose.

Official Version of Minnesota Rules

Two versions of Minnesota Rules published by the Revisor of Statutes are official publications:

  1. The first official version consists of the printed and bound paper edition of Minnesota Rules published annually by the Revisor's office. (See, Minnesota Statutes, section 14.47.)
  2. The second official version consists of the online, authenticated PDFs of a part or chapter of a Minnesota Rule, which have been designated as official records by the Revisor of Statutes under Minnesota Statutes, 3E.04, subdivision 2.
Online versions of Minnesota Rules are available at To authenticate a PDF of a Minnesota Rule, click on the "authenticate" link located on the upper right side of a rule part or chapter web page, and follow the prompts.