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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 508. Registration, Torrens

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
508.02Registered Land; Same Incidents As Unregistered; No Adverse Possession
508.04Titles Which May Be Registered
508.05Application, How Signed and Verified
508.06Contents of Application; Rights and Privileges of Claimants
508.07Nonresident Applicant; Agent
508.08Application, Land Included
508.10Application to District Court; Powers of Court
508.11Court Administrator; Filing, Recording; Certifying; Effect
508.12Examiners of Titles
508.13References to Examiners; Powers; Reports
508.14Survey in Certain Counties
508.15Order for Summons; Parties Defendant
508.16Form of Summons; Service on Various Parties; Publication
508.18Guardian Ad Litem; When Appointed
508.19Decree on Default
508.20Trial; Reference
508.22Decree of Registration; Effect
508.23Contents of Decree; Copy Filed
508.24Registration Runs with Land; Withdrawal
508.25Rights of Person Holding Certificate of Title
508.26Opening Decree
508.27Title Acquired Pending Proceeding
508.28Limitation of Actions
508.30Registrar of Titles
508.31Registrar's Bond
508.32Under Control of Court; Affixing Seal
508.321Appeal from Registrar's Decisions
508.34Register of Titles
508.349Official Signature of Registrar of Titles
508.35Form of Certificate
508.351Common Interest Community Certificate
508.36Certificates and Copies As Evidence
508.37Tract Indexes, Reception Indexes
508.38Forms of Records Adopted
508.381Official Records; Compilation, Maintenance, and Storage of Information
508.39Notices after Registration; Service
508.40Copy of Certificate of Title to Be Furnished to Owner
508.405Repealed, 1999 c 11 art 1 s 72
508.41Repealed, 1983 c 92 s 38
508.42Repealed, 1983 c 92 s 38
508.421Exchange Certificate
508.43Certificate, Effective Date
508.44Repealed, 1999 c 11 art 1 s 72
508.45Repealed, 1999 c 11 art 1 s 72
508.46Plats of Registered Land
508.47Registered Lands; Transfer, Surveys
508.48Instruments Affecting Title Filed with Registrar; Notice
508.49Interest Less Than Fee; Noticed by Memorial
508.491Transfer Statement for Contract for Deed
508.50Instruments to Have Name and Address
508.51Voluntary Instrument
508.52Conveyance; Cancellation of Old and Issuance of New Certificate
508.53Transfer and Payment of Taxes
508.55Registration of Mortgage; Memorial Entered on Certificate of Title
508.555Mortgage Securing Revolving Line of Credit; Notice
508.56Assignment and Discharge of Mortgage
508.57Foreclosure; Notice
508.58Registration after Foreclosure; New Certificate
508.59Registration of Judgment or Final Decree
508.61Trust, Other Limited Deeds; New Trustee; Corporate Dissolution
508.62Trustee's Conveyance
508.63Registration of Instruments Creating Liens; Judgments
508.64Attachments; Liens
508.65Plaintiff's Attorney; Name and Address Endorsed; Notice
508.66Officer's Certificate for Registrar to Cancel; Lis Pendens
508.67Acquiring Title by Action; New Certificate
508.671Determination of Boundaries
508.68Death of Owner; Issuance of New Certificates
508.69Jurisdiction of Court Not Impaired
508.70How to Claim an Unregistered Interest after Registration
508.71Alterations; Court, Examiner's Order; New Certificates
508.72Agency; Power to Be Registered
508.73Eminent Domain; Reversion; Vacation; New Certificate
508.74Repealed, 2006 c 222 s 6
508.76Registrar's Liability
508.77Parties Defendant; Judgment; Execution
508.78Liability of Fund
508.79Limitation of Action
508.80Fraudulent Instrument or Entry; Penalty
508.81Court Administrator's Fees; Notices
508.82Registrar of Titles' Fees
508.83Repealed, 1980 c 543 s 12
508.835Repealed, 1999 c 11 art 1 s 72
508.836Disposal of Certain Affidavits
508.84Instruments of Encumbrance; Disposal

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