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Minnesota Legislature

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Every person receiving a certificate of title pursuant to a decree of registration and every subsequent purchaser of registered land who receives a certificate of title in good faith and for a valuable consideration shall hold it free from all encumbrances and adverse claims, excepting only the estates, mortgages, liens, charges, and interests as may be noted in the last certificate of title in the office of the registrar, and also excepting any of the following rights or encumbrances subsisting against it, if any:

(1) liens, claims, or rights arising or existing under the laws or the Constitution of the United States, which this state cannot require to appear of record;

(2) the lien of any real property tax or special assessment;

(3) any lease for a period not exceeding three years when there is actual occupation of the premises thereunder;

(4) all rights in public highways upon the land;

(5) the right of appeal, or right to appear and contest the application, petition, or other proceeding affecting the title, as is allowed by this chapter;

(6) the rights of any person in possession under deed or contract for deed from the owner of the certificate of title; and

(7) any outstanding mechanics lien rights which may exist under sections 514.01 to 514.17.

No existing or future lien for state taxes arising under the laws of this state for the nonpayment of any amounts due under chapter 268 or any tax administered by the commissioner of revenue may encumber title to lands registered under this chapter unless filed under the terms of this chapter.