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Immediately upon the filing of the decree of registration with the registrar, the registrar shall proceed to register the title pursuant to the terms of the decree in the manner herein provided. The registrar shall keep a book known as the "Register of Titles," and shall enter all first and subsequent certificates of title by binding or entering them therein in the order of their numbers, beginning with number one. The entering of the certificate of title in the register of titles shall constitute the act of registration. The term "certificate of title" shall be deemed to include all memorials and notations thereon, and each certificate of title shall contain proper blanks for the entry of the memorials and notations thereon. Each certificate shall constitute a separate page of such book, and all memorials and notations that may be entered by the registrar shall be entered by the registrar upon the page whereon the latest certificate of title is entered.


(8280) RL s 3402; 1905 c 305 s 33; 1986 c 444