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119B.08 Reporting and payments.

Subdivision 1. Reports. The commissioner shall specify requirements for reports under the same authority as provided to the commissioner of human services in section 256.01, subdivision 2, paragraph (17).

Subd. 2. Quarterly payments. The commissioner may make payments to each county in quarterly installments. The commissioner may certify an advance up to 25 percent of the allocation. Subsequent payments shall be made on a reimbursement basis for reported expenditures and may be adjusted for anticipated spending patterns. Payments may be withheld if quarterly reports are incomplete or untimely.

Subd. 3. Child care fund plan. The county and designated administering agency shall submit to the commissioner an annual child care fund plan in its biennial community social services plan. The commissioner shall establish the dates by which the county must submit the plans. The plan shall include:

(1) a narrative of the total program for child care services, including all policies and procedures that affect eligible families and are used to administer the child care funds;

(2) the methods used by the county to inform eligible families of the availability of child care assistance and related services;

(3) the provider rates paid for all children with special needs by provider type;

(4) the county prioritization policy for all eligible families under the basic sliding fee program; and

(5) other information as requested by the department to ensure compliance with the child care fund statutes and rules promulgated by the commissioner.

The commissioner shall notify counties within 60 days of the date the plan is submitted whether the plan is approved or the corrections or information needed to approve the plan. The commissioner shall withhold a county's allocation until it has an approved plan. Plans not approved by the end of the second quarter after the plan is due may result in a 25 percent reduction in allocation. Plans not approved by the end of the third quarter after the plan is due may result in a 100 percent reduction in the allocation to the county. Counties are to maintain services despite any reduction in their allocation due to plans not being approved.

Subd. 4. Termination of allocation. The commissioner may withhold, reduce, or terminate the allocation of any county that does not meet the reporting or other requirements of this program. The commissioner shall reallocate to other counties money so reduced or terminated.

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