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Subdivision 1.Order.

Upon a decree of dissolution, legal separation, or annulment, the court shall make a further order which is just and proper concerning the maintenance of the minor children as provided by this chapter, and for the maintenance of any child of the parties as defined in section 518A.26, as support money. The court may make any child support order a lien or charge upon the property of the obligor, either at the time of the entry of the judgment or by subsequent order upon proper application.

Subd. 2.Seasonal income.

The court shall establish the annual support of an obligor with a seasonal income so that the obligor makes either the same monthly payments throughout the year or monthly payments that reflect variations in income.

Subd. 3.Satisfaction of child support obligation.

The court may conclude that an obligor has satisfied a child support obligation by providing a home, care, and support for the child while the child is living with the obligor, if the court finds that the child was integrated into the family of the obligor with the consent of the obligee and child support payments were not assigned to the public agency under section 256.741.

Subd. 4.Other custodians.

If a child resides with a person other than a parent and the court approves of the custody arrangement, the court may order child support payments to be made to the custodian regardless of whether the person has legal custody.

Subd. 5.Adjustment to support order.

A support order issued under this section may provide that during any period of time of 30 consecutive days or longer that the child is residing with the obligor, the amount of support otherwise due under the order may be reduced.

Subd. 6.Reopening support awards.

Section 518.145, subdivision 2, applies to awards of child support.