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CHAPTER 124A. General education revenue

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
124A.01 [Repealed, 1987 c 398 art 1 s 27 subd 3]
124A.02 Definitions.
124A.029 Referendum and desegregation revenue conversion.
124A.03 Referendum revenue.
124A.0311 Referendum authority.
124A.032 Annual foundation or general education aid appropriation.
124A.033 [Repealed, 1987 c 398 art 1 s 27 subd 2]
124A.034 Shared time aid.
124A.035 Deductions from general education aid.
124A.036 Payments to resident and nonresident districts.
124A.037 [Repealed, 1Sp1985 c 12 s 37 subd 2]
124A.04 Training and experience index.
124A.16 [Repealed, 1987 c 398 art 1 s 27 subd 3]
124A.21 [Repealed, 1987 c 398 art 1 s 27 subd 3]
124A.22 General education revenue.
124A.225 Learning and development revenue amount and use.
124A.23 General education levy and aid.
124A.24 General education levy equity.
124A.25 [Repealed, 1988 c 486 s 102]
124A.26 Fund balance pupil units.
124A.28 Compensatory education revenue.
124A.29 Reserved revenue for staff development.
124A.291 Reserved revenue for certain teacher program.
124A.292 Staff development incentive.
124A.30 Statewide average revenue.
124A.31 Equitable compensation penalty.
124A.697 Title.
124A.698 Policy.
124A.70 Core instructional aid.
124A.71 Elective instructional revenue.
124A.711 Support services aid.
124A.72 Local discretionary revenue.
124A.73 Education trust fund.

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