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124A.04 Training and experience index.

Subdivision 1. Repealed, 1Sp1995 c 3 art 1 s 63

Subd. 2. 1999 and later. The training and experience index for fiscal year 1999 and later must be constructed in the following manner:

(a) The department shall construct a matrix that classifies teachers by the extent of training received in accredited institutions of higher education and by the years of experience that districts take into account in determining teacher salaries.

(b) The average salary for each cell of the matrix must be computed as follows using data from fiscal year 1997:

(1) For each school district, multiply the salary paid to full-time equivalent teachers with that combination of training and experience according to the district's teacher salary schedule by the number of actual pupil units in that district.

(2) Add the amounts computed in clause (1) for all districts in the state and divide the resulting sum by the total number of actual pupil units in all districts in the state that employ teachers.

(c) For each cell in the matrix, compute the ratio of the average salary in that cell to the average salary for all teachers in the state during fiscal year 1997.

(d) The index for each district that employs teachers equals the sum of: (i) for teachers employed in that district during fiscal year 1997 and the current fiscal year, the ratios for each teacher computed using data for fiscal year 1997; and (ii) for teachers employed in that district during the current fiscal year but not during fiscal year 1997, the ratio for teachers who are in their first year of teaching and who have no additional credits or degrees above a bachelor's degree divided by the number of teachers in that district. The index for a district that employs no teachers is zero.

HIST: 1983 c 314 art 1 s 10; 1991 c 265 art 1 s 11; 1993 c 224 art 1 s 11; 1Sp1997 c 4 art 1 s 35

* NOTE: This section is repealed effective June 30, 1999. *Laws 1992, chapter 499, article 7, section 31.

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