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Rules are usually grouped under the agency that administers them. Some agencies are assigned one chapter in Minnesota Rules; others have many chapters. The chapters appear in alphabetical order by agency or department name. You can also find a rule by looking at the numerical arrangement of chapters. Read more... Minnesota Rules for prior years are also available. Authenticate Rule PDF.

Chapter Title Agency
1325 Energy Administration Department
1410 Workers' Compensation Hearings Administrative Hearings Office
1415 Litigation Procedures Administrative Hearings Office
1501 Export Financing Agriculture Department
1520 Poultry and Eggs Agriculture Department
1525 Dairy Industry Agriculture Department
1555 Food Definitions and Standards Agriculture Department
1700 Importation of Livestock and Poultry Animal Health Board
1705 Diseases of Domestic Animals Animal Health Board
1715 Livestock Exhibitions and Markets Animal Health Board
1800 Licensure Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, and Landscape Architecture
1950 Licenses Assessors Board
2355 Cable Access for Alternative Providers Cable Communications Board
2700 Insurance Policies, Practices Commerce Department
2705 Data Service Organizations Commerce Department
2750 Variable Life Insurance Commerce Department
2790 Insurance Marketing Standards Commerce Department
2795 Insurance Agents Commerce Department
2875 Regulation of Securities Commerce Department
2905 Community Corrections Act Corrections Department
2940 Office of Adult Release Corrections Department
3300 Summer Youth Employment; Weatherization Economic Security Department
3515 Licensure for Personnel in Vocational Sc Education State Board
3525 Handicapped Children Education State Board
3535 Equal Opportunity in Schools Education State Board
3800 Licenses, Inspections Electricity Board
3900 Personnel Employee Relations Department
3910 Social Security Employee Relations Department
4170 Energy Audits Energy and Economic Development Department
4215 Model Energy Code Amendments Energy and Economic Development Department
4280 Certification of Solar Collectors Energy and Economic Development Department
4300 Community Block Grants State Planning Agency
4350 Pilot Community; Business Licensing Energy and Economic Development Department
4405 Operating Procedures Environmental Quality Board
4655 Nursing and Boarding Care Homes; Operati Health Department
4670 Merit System Health Department
4705 Services for Children with Handicaps Health Department
4725 Water Well Construction Code Health Department
4800 Scholarship, Loans, Grants, Work-Study Higher Education Coordinating Board
4810 Miscellaneous Student Funding Programs Higher Education Coordinating Board
4820 Registration of Private Institutions Higher Education Office of Minnesota
4830 Financial Assistance Higher Education Coordinating Board
4840 Registration and Name Approval Higher Education Coordinating Board
4900 Housing Loans and Grants Housing Finance Agency
5200 Wages and Labor Labor and Industry Department
5205 Safety and Health Standards Labor and Industry Department
5206 Employee Right-To-Know Standards Labor and Industry Department
5210 Safety and Health Administration Labor and Industry Department
5215 Occupational Safety and Health Board Labor and Industry Department
5220 Compensation and Rehabilitation Labor and Industry Department
5222 Reimbursement of Benefits Labor and Industry Department
5600 Licensure Board of Medical Examiners
5601 Physical Therapy Board of Medical Examiners
5605 Continuing Education Board of Medical Examiners
5606 Emeritus Registration Board of Medical Examiners
6100 Parks, Trails, and Snowmobiles Natural Resources Department
6105 Wild, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers Natural Resources Department
6110 Water Safety; Water Surface Use Natural Resources Department
6115 Public Water Resources Natural Resources Department
6134 Endangered and Threatened Species Natural Resources Department
6330 Advanced Nursing Education Nursing Board
6400 Licensing of Nursing Home Administrators Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators
6700 Training and Licensing Peace Officer Standards and Training Board
6800 Pharmacists' Licensing and Operation Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
7000 Procedural Rules Pollution Control Agency
7001 Permits Pollution Control Agency
7005 Air Pollution Control Pollution Control Agency
7044 Priority Assessment Criteria Pollution Control Agency
7045 Hazardous Waste Pollution Control Agency
7046 Facility and Generator Fees Pollution Control Agency
7070 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Pollution Control Agency
7075 State Fund and Federal Grants Pollution Control Agency
7300 Issues and Appeals Public Employment Relations Board
7305 Arbitration of Employment Terms Public Employment Relations Board
7310 Arbitration of Grievances Public Employment Relations Board
7315 Independent Review Public Employment Relations Board
7500 Explosives and Blasting Agents Public Safety Department
7502 Training for Intoxication Testing Public Safety Department
7515 Liquor Public Safety Department
7520 Merit System Public Safety Department
7820 Utility Customer Service Public Utilities Commission
7870 Licensure Racing Commission
7905 Deferred Compensation Plan Minnesota State Retirement System
8002 Individual Income Determination Revenue Department
8098 Individual Housing Accounts Revenue Department
8100 Ad Valorem Taxes; Utilities Revenue Department
8150 Inheritance and Gift Tax Revenue Department
8200 Voter Registration Secretary of State
8210 Absentee Ballots Secretary of State
8220 Voting Machines Secretary of State
8230 Election Judges and Counting Centers Secretary of State
8235 Recounts Secretary of State
8250 White Ballots Secretary of State
8300 Financial Assistance Energy and Economic Development Authority
8700 Licensure Teaching Board
8820 State-Aid Operations Transportation Department
8835 Public Transit Transportation Department
9200 Waste Management Waste Management Board
9515 State Hospital Administration Human Services Department
9560 Social Services for Children Human Services Department
9575 Merit System Human Services Department