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All airport zoning regulations adopted under sections 360.011 to 360.076 shall provide for the administration and enforcement of such regulations by an appropriate permit-issuing agency, which may be an agency created by such regulations or any official, board, or other existing agency of the municipality or county adopting the regulations, or of one of the municipalities or counties which participated in the creation of the joint airport zoning board adopting the regulations if satisfactory to the other municipalities and counties, or in case of a Metropolitan Airports Commission a committee appointed by the commission with equal representation from each of the counties in and for which it is created; but in no case shall such agency be or include any member of the board of adjustment. The duties of any administrative agency designated pursuant to sections 360.011 to 360.076 shall include that of hearing and deciding all permits under section 360.067, subdivision 1, but such agency shall not have or exercise any of the powers herein delegated to the board of adjustment.