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The officers of every labor organization shall be elected for such terms, not exceeding four
years, as the constitution or bylaws may provide. The election shall be by secret ballot. The
constitution or bylaws may provide for multiple choice voting, nomination by primaries or runoff
elections, or other method of election by which selection by a majority may be obtained. In the
absence of such provision, the candidate for any office receiving the largest number of votes
cast for that office shall be declared elected. It is the duty of every labor organization and the
officers thereof to hold an election for the purpose of electing the successor of every such officer
prior to the expiration of a term. Any employee who is elected to a full time position in a labor
organization shall be given a leave of absence for the duration of time holding such office, without
losing seniority or entitlement to any rights acquired as a result of employment.
History: 1943 c 625 s 2; 1969 c 853 s 1; 1986 c 444