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    Subdivision 1. Information to be posted. The commissioner of health may post the
following information on agency Web sites, including
(1) healthy lifestyle and preventive health care information, organized by sex and age, with
procedures and treatments categorized by level of effectiveness and reliability of the supporting
evidence on effectiveness;
(2) health plan company administrative efficiency report cards;
(3) health care provider charges for common procedures, based on information available
under section 62J.052;
(4) evidence-based medicine guidelines and related information for use as resources by
health care professionals, and summaries of the guidelines and related information for use by
patients and consumers;
(5) resources and Web links related to improving efficiency in medical clinics and health care
professional practices; and
(6) lists of nonprofit and charitable entities that accept donations of used medical equipment
and supplies, such as crutches and walkers.
    Subd. 2. Other Internet resources. The commissioner of health, in implementing
subdivision 1, shall include relevant Web links and materials from private sector and other
government sources in order to avoid duplication and reduce state administrative costs.
    Subd. 3. Cooperation with commissioner of commerce. The commissioner of health shall
consult and work in cooperation with the commissioner of commerce when posting on the Web site
information collected from health plan companies regulated by the commissioner of commerce.
History: 2006 c 267 art 1 s 2