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Table of Chapters, 200 - 212

List of Statute Chapters by Part
Chapters Title
200 General provisions; definitions
201 Registration and eligibility of voters
202 Primary elections, nominations
202A Caucuses and conventions
203 Elections, general and special
203A Preparation of ballots
203B Absentee voting
204 Elections, conduct of
204A Conduct of elections
204B Elections; general provisions
204C Election day activities
204D Particular elections
205 Municipal elections
205A School district elections
206 Voting systems
207 Absent and disabled voters
207A Presidential primary
208 Presidential electors
209 Election contests
210 Penal provisions
210A Fair campaign practices
211 Fair campaign practices
211A Campaign financial reports
211B Fair campaign practices
211C Recall of elected state officials
212 Elections; towns, villages, certain cities

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes