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CHAPTER 204D. Particular elections

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
204D.01 Definitions.
204D.02 Officers chosen at state general election; terms of office.
204D.03 Time of state elections.
204D.04 Ballot preparation.
204D.05 State primary ballots; partisan and nonpartisan; official in charge.
204D.06 Certification of names by secretary of state.
204D.07 Placing names on ballots.
204D.08 State primary ballots.
204D.09 Example ballots; sample primary ballots.
204D.10 Primary results; nominees.
204D.11 State general election ballots; candidates; official in charge; rules; reimbursement.
204D.12 Names placed on general election ballots.
204D.13 White ballot; partisan offices.
204D.14 Canary ballots; nonpartisan offices.
204D.15 Pink ballot; form; distribution; sample ballot.
204D.16 Sample general election ballots; posting; publication.
204D.165 Sample ballots to schools.
204D.169 Example supplemental ballot.
204D.17 Representative in Congress; state senator; state representative; vacancy in office; special election.
204D.18 General election laws; application.
204D.19 Special elections; when held.
204D.20 Nominations; vacancy.
204D.21 Time of special primary.
204D.22 Writ of election.
204D.23 Affidavits of candidacy; nominating petitions.
204D.24 Special elections; precincts; election judges; voters.
204D.25 Special election ballots.
204D.26 Congressional or legislative districts; change in boundaries.
204D.27 Special election returns.
204D.28 United States senate vacancy; manner of filling.

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