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CHAPTER 203B. Absentee voting

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
203B.001 Election Law applicability.
203B.01 Absentee balloting; definitions.
203B.02 General eligibility requirements.
203B.03 Prohibitions; penalties.
203B.04 Application for ballots.
203B.05 Designation of municipal clerks to administer absentee voting laws.
203B.06 Applications; filing with county auditor or municipal clerk; delivery of ballot.
203B.07 Return and ballot envelopes; directions to voters.
203B.08 Marking and return of absentee ballots.
203B.081 Locations for absentee voting in person.
203B.085 County auditor's and municipal clerk's offices to remain open during certain hours preceding election.
203B.09 Form and content of required materials; rules of secretary of state.
203B.10 Delivery of absentee ballot applications to election judges.
203B.11 Hospital patients and residents of health care facilities.
203B.12 Election judges to receive and count ballots.
203B.125 Secretary of state to make rules.
203B.13 Absentee ballot boards.
203B.14 County auditor or municipal clerk may employ additional help.
203B.15 Administrative expenses.
203B.16 Absent voters in the military or outside the United States.
203B.17 Application for ballot.
203B.18 Forwarding applications.
203B.19 Recording applications.
203B.20 Challenges.
203B.21 Ballots and envelopes.
203B.22 Mailing ballots.
203B.23 Application records; delivery to election judges.
203B.24 Duties of election judges.
203B.25 Death of voter; individuals voting under special absentee procedures.
203B.26 Separate record.
203B.27 Expense chargeable to general revenue.

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