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CHAPTER 204C. Election day activities

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
204C.01 Definitions.
204C.02 Application.
204C.03 Public meetings prohibited on election day.
204C.04 Employees; time off to vote.
204C.05 State elections; hours for voting.
204C.06 Conduct in and near polling places.
204C.07 Challengers.
204C.08 Opening of polling places.
204C.09 Ballot preparation by election judges.
204C.10 Permanent registration; verification of registration.
204C.11 [Repealed, 1984 c 560 s 26]
204C.12 Challenges to voters; penalty.
204C.13 Receiving and marking ballots.
204C.14 Unlawful voting; penalty.
204C.15 Assistance to voters.
204C.16 Mismarking ballots; disclosure of markings by others; penalty.
204C.17 Voting; secrecy.
204C.18 Ballots; secrecy.
204C.19 Counting votes; penalty.
204C.20 Ballots; number to be counted.
204C.21 Counting ballots; piling system.
204C.22 Determining voter's intent.
204C.23 Defective ballots.
204C.24 Election returns; summary statements.
204C.25 Disposition of ballots.
204C.26 Summary statements and envelopes for ballot returns; election officials to furnish.
204C.27 Delivery of returns to county auditors.
204C.28 Election night; duties of county auditors and municipal clerks.
204C.29 Improper delivery of returns.
204C.30 Election returns; additional duties of county auditor.
204C.31 Canvassing boards; membership.
204C.32 Canvass of state primaries.
204C.33 Canvass of state general elections.
204C.34 Tie votes.
204C.35 Federal, state, and judicial races.
204C.36 Recounts in county, school district, and municipal elections.
204C.361 Rules for recounts.
204C.37 County canvass; return of reports to secretary of state.
204C.38 Correction of obvious errors; when candidates agree.
204C.39 Correction of other obvious errors.
204C.40 Certificates of election.
204C.41 Neglect of duty; other offenses by election officials; penalty.
204C.50 Postelection security and certification review.

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