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CHAPTER 211B. Fair campaign practices

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
211B.01 Definitions.
211B.02 False claim of support.
211B.03 Use of the term reelect.
211B.04 Campaign literature must include disclaimer.
211B.045 Noncommercial signs exemption.
211B.05 Paid advertisements in news.
211B.06 False political and campaign material; penalty; exceptions.
211B.07 Undue influence on voters prohibited.
211B.08 Solicitation of contributions prohibited.
211B.09 Prohibited public employee activities.
211B.10 Inducing or refraining candidacy; time off for public office meetings.
211B.11 Election day prohibitions.
211B.12 Legal expenditures.
211B.13 Bribery, treating, and solicitation.
211B.14 Digest of laws.
211B.15 Corporate political contributions.
211B.16 Prosecution.
211B.17 Forfeiture of nomination or office; circumstances where not forfeited.
211B.18 Disqualified candidate not to hold various positions.
211B.19 Penalties for violation.
211B.20 Denial of access by political candidates to multiple unit dwellings.
211B.205 Participation in public parades.
211B.21 Applicability.


211B.31 Definition.
211B.32 Complaints of unfair campaign practices.
211B.33 Prima facie review.
211B.34 Probable cause hearing.
211B.35 Evidentiary hearing by panel.
211B.36 Procedures.
211B.37 Costs assessed.

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Revisor of Statutes