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CHAPTER 204B. Elections; general provisions

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
204B.01 Definitions.
204B.02 Application.
204B.03 Manner of nomination.
204B.04 Candidacy; prohibitions.
204B.05 [Repealed, 1987 c 39 s 1]
204B.06 Filing for primary; affidavit of candidacy.
204B.07 Nominating petitions.
204B.071 Petitions; rules of the secretary of state.
204B.08 Signing petitions.
204B.09 Time and place of filing affidavits and petitions.
204B.10 Affidavits of candidacy; nominating petitions; duties of election officials.
204B.11 Candidates; filing fees; petition in place of filing fee.
204B.12 Withdrawal of candidates.
204B.13 Vacancy in nomination.
204B.135 Redistricting of election districts.
204B.14 Election precincts.
204B.145 Duties of secretary of state; redistricting.
204B.146 Duties of secretary of state.
204B.15 Unorganized territory; election precincts.
204B.16 Polling places; designation.
204B.17 Change of polling place by election judges.
204B.18 Polling places; equipment.
204B.19 Election judges; qualifications.
204B.195 Time off from work to serve as election judge.
204B.20 Election board; head election judge; duties.
204B.21 Appointment of election judges.
204B.22 Election judges; number required.
204B.23 Vacancies among election judges.
204B.24 Election judges; oath.
204B.25 Training for election judges.
204B.26 Election judges; violations; penalties.
204B.27 Duties of secretary of state.
204B.28 Clerks; election supplies; duties.
204B.29 Election judges; election supplies; duties.
204B.30 Unofficial ballots.
204B.31 Compensation for election services.
204B.32 Election expenses; payment.
204B.33 Notice of filing.
204B.34 Notice of election.
204B.35 Preparation of ballots.
204B.36 Ballots; form.
204B.37 Back of ballot.
204B.38 Names on ballots; identical descriptive words.
204B.39 Substitute ballots.
204B.40 Ballots; election records and other materials; disposition; inspection of ballots.
204B.41 Vacancy in nomination; changing ballots.
204B.42 Paper color for sample ballots; penalty.
204B.43 Unlawful printing or distribution of ballots; penalty.
204B.44 Errors and omissions; remedy.
204B.45 Mail balloting.
204B.46 Mail elections; questions.
204B.47 Alternative election procedures; duties of secretary of state.
204B.48 Voting equipment grant account.

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Revisor of Statutes