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Chapter 245C

Section 245C.03

Recent History

245C.03 Background study; individuals to be studied.

Subdivision 1. Licensed programs. The commissioner shall conduct a background study on:

(1) the applicant;

(2) an individual age 13 and over living in the household where the licensed program will be provided;

(3) current employees or contractors of the applicant who will have direct contact with persons served by the facility, agency, or program;

(4) volunteers or student volunteers who will have direct contact with persons served by the program to provide program services if the contact is not under the continuous, direct supervision by an individual listed in clause (1) or (3);

(5) an individual age ten to 12 living in the household where the licensed services will be provided when the commissioner has reasonable cause; and

(6) an individual who, without providing direct contact services at a licensed program, may have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults receiving services from a program licensed to provide:

(i) family child care for children;

(ii) foster care for children in the provider's own home; or

(iii) foster care or day care services for adults in the provider's own home.

The commissioner must have reasonable cause to study an individual under this clause.

Subd. 2. Personal care provider organizations. The commissioner shall conduct background studies on any individual required under section 256B.0627 to have a background study completed under this chapter.

Subd. 3. Supplemental nursing services agencies. The commissioner shall conduct all background studies required under this chapter and initiated by supplemental nursing services agencies registered under section 144A.71, subdivision 1.

Subd. 4. Personnel agencies; educational programs; professional services agencies. The commissioner also may conduct studies on individuals specified in subdivision 1, clauses (3) and (4), when the studies are initiated by:

(1) personnel pool agencies;

(2) temporary personnel agencies;

(3) educational programs that train individuals by providing direct contact services in licensed programs; and

(4) professional services agencies that are not licensed and which contract with licensed programs to provide direct contact services or individuals who provide direct contact services.

HIST: 2003 c 15 art 1 s 3

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes