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CHAPTER 245C. Human services background studies

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
245C.01 Title.
245C.02 Definitions.
245C.03 Background study; individuals to be studied.
245C.04 When background study must occur.
245C.05 Background study; information and data provided to commissioner.
245C.06 Individual previously studied.
245C.07 Study subject affiliated with multiple licensed facilities.
245C.08 Background study; information commissioner reviews.
245C.09 Failure or refusal to cooperate with background study.
245C.10 Background study; fees.
245C.11 Background study; county agencies.
245C.12 Background study; tribal organizations.
245C.13 Background study form processing.
245C.14 Disqualification.
245C.15 Disqualifying crimes or conduct.
245C.16 Disqualified individual's risk of harm.
245C.17 Notice of background study results.
245C.18 Obligation to remove disqualified individual from direct contact.
245C.19 Termination of affiliation based on disqualification notice.
245C.20 License holder record keeping.
245C.21 Requesting reconsideration of disqualification.
245C.22 Commissioner's review and action on a reconsideration request.
245C.23 Commissioner's reconsideration notice.
245C.24 Bars to setting aside a disqualification; family child care and foster care.
245C.25 Consolidated reconsideration of maltreatment determination and disqualification.
245C.26 Reconsideration of a disqualification for an individual living in a licensed home.
245C.27 Fair hearing rights.
245C.28 Contested case hearing rights.
245C.29 Conclusive determinations or dispositions.
245C.30 Variance for a disqualified individual.
245C.31 Disqualification of individual regulated by a health-related licensing board when disqualification based on substantiated maltreatment.
245C.32 Systems and records.

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Revisor of Statutes