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Table of Chapters, 120 - 129B

List of Statute Chapters by Part
Chapters Title
120 Definitions; attendance; special education; fees
120A Education code; compulsory attendance
120B Curriculum and assessment
121 State administration; interstate compact
121A Student rights, responsibilities, and behavior
122 School districts: formation and cooperation
122A Teachers and other educators
123 School districts: powers and duties; service cooperatives
123A School districts; forms for organizing
123B School district powers and duties
124 Education finance
124A General education revenue
124B General education revenue: education districts
124C Grants for education
124D Education programs
125 Teachers
125A Special education; early childhood intervention system;
125B Education and technology
126 Curriculum; american indians
126A Environmental education
126B Education and employment transitions system
126C Education funding
127 Proceedings, prohibitions, policies
127A State administration of education
128 Cook county school district
128A Academies for the deaf and blind
128B Pine point school
128C High school league
128D Special school district no. 1, minneapolis
129 Chippewa forest land exchanges; border agreements
129A Vocational rehabilitation
129B Grants for education

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes