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CHAPTER 125A. Special education; early childhood intervention system;

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
125A.01 Definitions.
125A.02 Child with a disability defined.
125A.023 Coordinated interagency services.
125A.027 Interagency early intervention committee responsibilities.
125A.03 Special instruction for children with a disability.
125A.04 High school diploma.
125A.05 Method of special instruction.
125A.06 Blind persons' literacy rights.
125A.07 Rules of commissioner.
125A.08 School district obligations.
125A.09 Procedures for decisions.
125A.10 Coordinating interagency services.
125A.11 Special instructions for nonresident children.
125A.12 Attendance in another district.
125A.13 School of parents' choice.
125A.14 Summer programs.
125A.15 Placement in another district; responsibility.
125A.155 Special education reciprocity; commissioner duties.
125A.16 Placement in state institution; responsibility.
125A.17 Legal residence of a child with a disability placed in a foster facility.
125A.18 Special instruction; nonpublic schools.
125A.19 Nonresident education; billing.
125A.20 Transportation aid agreements.
125A.21 Third party payment.
125A.22 Community transition interagency committee.
125A.23 Agency access to nonpublic data.
125A.24 Parent advisory councils.
125A.25 Legislative commitment to conciliation.
125A.259 Citation; Interagency Early Childhood Intervention System.
125A.26 Purpose.
125A.27 Definitions.
125A.28 State interagency coordinating council.
125A.29 Responsibilities of county boards and school boards.
125A.30 Interagency early intervention committees.
125A.31 Local primary agency.
125A.32 Individualized family service plan.
125A.33 Service coordination.
125A.34 Early intervention respite services.
125A.35 Early intervention service dollars.
125A.36 Payment for services.
125A.37 Payor of last resort.
125A.38 Maintenance of effort.
125A.39 Local interagency agreements.
125A.40 Third-party payment.
125A.41 Coordinating health insurance benefits.
125A.42 Procedural safeguards; parent and child rights.
125A.43 Mediation procedure.
125A.44 Complaint procedure.
125A.45 Interagency dispute procedure.
125A.46 Due process hearings.
125A.47 Data collection.
125A.48 State interagency agreement.
125A.50 Alternative delivery of specialized instructional services.
125A.51 Placement of children without disabilities; education and transportation.
125A.515 Placement of children without disabilities; approval of education program.
125A.52 Residential treatment facilities; departments of human services and corrections education screening.
125A.53 Director of a special education cooperative.
125A.54 Interagency office on transition services.
125A.55 Accommodating students with disabilities.
125A.56 Alternate instruction required before assessment referral; waiver.
125A.57 Definition.
125A.58 Purchasing guidelines.
125A.59 Interagency agreement to purchase used assistive technology devices.
125A.60 Purchase agreement; price formula.
125A.61 Location and status.
125A.62 Duties of the board of the Minnesota state academies.
125A.63 Resource centers; deaf or hard of hearing and blind or visually impaired.
125A.64 Powers of board of the Minnesota state academies.
125A.65 Attendance at academies for the deaf and blind.
125A.66 Obligations of the academies.
125A.67 Staff of the academies.
125A.68 State adopted procedures.
125A.69 Admission standards.
125A.70 Expense of pupils.
125A.71 Deposit and appropriation of rents and fees of academies.
125A.72 Student activities account.
125A.73 Duties of state departments.
125A.74 Medical assistance payments to school districts.
125A.744 Statewide data management system to maximize medical assistance reimbursement.
125A.75 Special education program approval; aid payments; travel aid.
125A.76 Special education revenue.
125A.77 [Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 2 s 62]
125A.78 Alternative delivery base revenue adjustment.
125A.79 Special education excess cost aid.
125A.80 Uniform billing system for the education costs of out-of-home placed students.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes