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CHAPTER 121A. Student rights, responsibilities, and behavior

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
121A.01 Definitions.
121A.03 Model policy.
121A.035 Crisis management policy.
121A.04 Athletic programs; sex discrimination.
121A.05 Policy to refer firearms possessor.
121A.06 Reports of dangerous weapon incidents in school zones.
121A.10 Moment of silence.
121A.11 United States flag.
121A.15 Health standards; immunizations; school children.
121A.16 Early childhood health and development screening; purpose.
121A.17 School board responsibilities.
121A.18 Data use.
121A.19 Developmental screening aid.
121A.21 School health services.
121A.22 Administration of drugs and medicine.
121A.221 Possession and use of asthma inhalers by asthmatic students.
121A.23 Programs to prevent and reduce the risks of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.
121A.25 Chemical abuse preassessment teams; definitions.
121A.26 School preassessment teams.
121A.27 School and community advisory team.
121A.28 Law enforcement records.
121A.29 Reporting; chemical abuse.
121A.30 Pesticide application at schools.
121A.31 Safety requirement guidelines.
121A.32 Eye protective devices.
121A.34 School safety patrols.
121A.36 Motorcycle safety education program.
121A.40 Citation.
121A.41 Definitions.
121A.42 Policy.
121A.43 Exclusion and expulsion of pupils with a disability.
121A.44 Expulsion for possession of firearm.
121A.45 Grounds for dismissal.
121A.46 Suspension procedures.
121A.47 Exclusion and expulsion procedures.
121A.48 Good faith exception.
121A.49 Appeal.
121A.50 Judicial review.
121A.51 Reports to service agency.
121A.52 Nonapplication of compulsory attendance law.
121A.53 Report to commissioner of children, families, and learning.
121A.54 Notice of right to be reinstated.
121A.55 Policies to be established.
121A.56 Application.
121A.57 Renumbered 121A.035
121A.58 Corporal punishment.
121A.582 Student discipline; reasonable force.
121A.585 Notice of recording device on a school bus.
121A.59 Bus transportation a privilege not a right.
121A.60 Definitions.
121A.61 Discipline and removal of students from class.
121A.62 School site mediation board.
121A.63 Ombudsperson service.
121A.64 Notification.
121A.65 Review of policy.
121A.66 Definitions.
121A.67 Aversive and deprivation procedures.
121A.69 Hazing policy.
121A.70 Secret fraternities and societies.
121A.72 School locker policy.
121A.75 Receipt of disposition order; sharing.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes