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CHAPTER 123A. School districts; forms for organizing

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
123A.01 Definitions.
123A.05 Area learning center organization.
123A.06 Center programs and services.
123A.07 Resource center for other programs.
123A.08 Center funding.
123A.09 Designating and approving a center.
123A.15 Establishing education districts.
123A.16 Education district board.
123A.17 Powers and duties of an education district board.
123A.18 Education district agreement.
123A.19 Teaching positions.
123A.21 Service cooperatives.
123A.22 Cooperative centers for vocational education.
123A.23 Regional management information centers.
123A.24 Withdrawing from cooperative unit; appealing denial of membership.
123A.245 Cooperative units; eligibility for grants.
123A.25 Cooperative unit; insurance pools.
123A.26 Cooperative units; prohibited aid and levies.
123A.27 Reserved revenue for district cooperation.
123A.30 Agreements for secondary education.
123A.32 Interdistrict cooperation.
123A.33 Employees of cooperative districts upon dissolution or withdrawal.
123A.35 Cooperation and combination.
123A.36 Cooperation and combination plan.
123A.37 Commissioner and voter approval.
123A.38 Effective date of combination.
123A.39 Employees of cooperating and combining districts.
123A.40 County auditor plat.
123A.41 Levies for districts at the time of combination.
123A.43 Reports to department of children, families, and learning.
123A.44 Citation.
123A.441 Policy and purpose.
123A.442 Approval authority; application forms.
123A.443 Grant application process.
123A.444 Levy for severance pay.
123A.445 Transportation.
123A.446 State bond authorization.
123A.45 Detachment and annexation of land.
123A.46 Dissolution and attachment.
123A.48 Consolidation.
123A.485 Consolidation transition revenue.
123A.488 Consolidation; instruction by nonresidential district.
123A.49 Appeals.
123A.50 Plats.
123A.55 Classes, number.
123A.56 Assignment of identification numbers.
123A.58 Common district to independent district.
123A.60 Remaining districts, action of county board; election.
123A.61 Private schools in nonoperating districts.
123A.62 Border districts; continued operation; Franconia.
123A.64 Duty to maintain elementary and secondary schools.
123A.65 Phase out of dissolved district.
123A.66 Procedure for attachment to organized districts.
123A.67 Allocation of assets and liabilities; levy.
123A.68 Officers and teachers, transitional provisions.
123A.69 Special school districts, application; Minneapolis and South St. Paul.
123A.70 Private schools; Prinsburg.
123A.71 Appeal.
123A.72 Severability.
123A.73 Levy limitations of reorganized districts.
123A.74 Obligations upon district reorganization.
123A.75 Employees of reorganized districts.
123A.76 Expenses of transition.
123A.77 Surplus county school tax funds; distribution.
123A.78 Joint powers agreements for facilities.
123A.79 Meetings of joint powers board.

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Revisor of Statutes