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Chapter 15A

Section 15A.0815

Recent History


Subdivision 1.Salary limits.

The appropriate appointing authority shall set the salary rates for positions listed in this section based upon the salaries prescribed by the Compensation Council established under section 15A.082.

Subd. 2.Agency head salaries.

The salary for a position listed in this subdivision shall be determined by the Compensation Council under section 15A.082. The commissioner of management and budget must publish the salaries on the department's website. This subdivision applies to the following positions:

Commissioner of administration;

Commissioner of agriculture;

Commissioner of education;

Commissioner of children, youth, and families;

Commissioner of commerce;

Commissioner of corrections;

Commissioner of health;

Commissioner, Minnesota Office of Higher Education;

Commissioner, Minnesota IT Services;

Commissioner, Housing Finance Agency;

Commissioner of human rights;

Commissioner of human services;

Commissioner of labor and industry;

Commissioner of management and budget;

Commissioner of natural resources;

Commissioner, Pollution Control Agency;

Commissioner of public safety;

Commissioner of revenue;

Commissioner of employment and economic development;

Commissioner of transportation;

Commissioner of veterans affairs;

Executive director of the Gambling Control Board;

Executive director of the Minnesota State Lottery;

Commissioner of Iron Range resources and rehabilitation;

Commissioner, Bureau of Mediation Services;

Ombudsman for mental health and developmental disabilities;

Ombudsperson for corrections;

Chair, Metropolitan Council;

Chair, Metropolitan Airports Commission;

School trust lands director;

Executive director of pari-mutuel racing; and

Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission.

[See Note.]

Subd. 3.

MS 2022 [Repealed, 2023 c 62 art 2 s 133]

Subd. 4.

MS 2022 [Repealed, 2023 c 62 art 2 s 133]

Subd. 5.

MS 2022 [Repealed, 2023 c 62 art 2 s 133]

NOTE: The amendment to subdivision 2 by Laws 2023, chapter 70, article 12, section 5, is effective July 1, 2024. Laws 2023, chapter 70, article 12, section 5, the effective date.

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