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Subdivision 1.Membership.

The board shall appoint a seven-member Registered Naturopathic Doctor Advisory Council consisting of one public member as defined in section 214.02, five registered naturopathic doctors who are residents of the state, and one licensed physician or osteopathic physician with expertise in natural medicine.

Subd. 2.Organization.

The advisory council shall be organized and administered under section 15.059. Section 15.059, subdivision 2, does not apply to this section. Members shall serve two-year terms, and shall serve until their successors have been appointed. The council shall select a chair from its membership.

Subd. 3.Duties.

The advisory council shall:

(1) advise the board regarding standards for registered naturopathic doctors;

(2) provide for distribution of information regarding registered naturopathic doctors standards;

(3) advise the board on enforcement of sections 147.091 to 147.162;

(4) review applications and recommend granting or denying registration or registration renewal;

(5) advise the board on issues related to receiving and investigating complaints, conducting hearings, and imposing disciplinary action in relation to complaints against registered naturopathic doctors;

(6) advise the board regarding approval of continuing education programs using the criteria in section 147E.25, subdivision 3; and

(7) perform other duties authorized for advisory councils by chapter 214, as directed by the board.

Subd. 4.

[Repealed, 2014 c 286 art 8 s 40]