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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 179A. Public Employment Labor Relations

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
179A.01Public Policy
179A.04Commissioner's Power, Authority, and Duties
179A.05Repealed, 1992 c 582 s 26
179A.051Appeals of Commissioner's Decisions
179A.06Rights and Obligations of Employees
179A.07Rights and Obligations of Employers
179A.08Policy Consultants
179A.09Unit Determination
179A.10State Units
179A.101Court Units
179A.102Transition to New Bargaining Unit Structure
179A.103General Provisions for Court Employees
179A.104Board of Public Defense
179A.11University of Minnesota
179A.12Exclusive Representation; Elections; Decertification
179A.13Unfair Labor Practices
179A.14Negotiation Procedures
179A.16Interest Arbitration
179A.17New Exclusive Representatives
179A.18Strikes Authorized
179A.19Illegal Strikes
179A.21Grievance Arbitration
179A.22State and Its Employees; Negotiations
179A.225Court Employees; Negotiations
179A.226Board of Public Defense Employees; Negotiations
179A.23Limitation on Contracting-Out of Services Provided by Members of a State of Minnesota or University of Minnesota Bargaining Unit
179A.24Application of Sections 185.07 to 185.19
179A.25Independent Review
179A.30Regional Treatment Center, Nursing Home, and Community-Based Facility Employees
179A.40Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc
179A.50Representation of Family Child Care Providers
179A.52Right to Organize
179A.53No Use of Scholarships for Dues or Fees
179A.54Individual Providers of Direct Support Services

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