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171.06 Application for license, permit, identification card; fees.

Subdivision 1. Forms of application. Every application for a Minnesota identification card, for an instruction permit, for a provisional license, or for a driver's license must be made in a format approved by the department, and every application must be accompanied by the proper fee. All first-time applications and change-of-status applications must be signed in the presence of the person authorized to accept the application, or the signature on the application may be verified by a notary public. All applications requiring evidence of legal presence in the United States must be signed in the presence of the person authorized to accept the application, or the signature on the application may be verified by a notary public.

Subd. 2. Fees. (a) The fees for a license and Minnesota identification card are as follows:

Classified Driver's License D-$21.50 C-$25.50 B-$32.50 A-$40.50 Classified Under-21 D.L. D-$21.50 C-$25.50 B-$32.50 A-$20.50 Instruction Permit $ 9.50 Provisional License $12.50 Duplicate License or duplicate identification card $11.00 Minnesota identification card or Under-21 Minnesota identification card, other than duplicate, except as otherwise provided in section 171.07, subdivisions 3 and 3a $15.50

(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), an individual who holds a provisional license and has a driving record free of (1) convictions for a violation of section 169A.20, 169A.33, 169A.35, or sections 169A.50 to 169A.53, (2) convictions for crash-related moving violations, and (3) convictions for moving violations that are not crash related, shall have a $3.50 credit toward the fee for any classified under-21 driver's license. "Moving violation" has the meaning given it in section 171.04, subdivision 1.

(c) In addition to the driver's license fee required under paragraph (a), the commissioner shall collect an additional $4 processing fee from each new applicant or individual renewing a license with a school bus endorsement to cover the costs for processing an applicant's initial and biennial physical examination certificate. The department shall not charge these applicants any other fee to receive or renew the endorsement.

Subd. 2a. Two-wheeled vehicle endorsement fee increased. (a) The fee for any duplicate driver's license obtained for the purpose of adding a two-wheeled vehicle endorsement is increased by $18.50 for each first such duplicate license and $13 for each renewal thereof. The additional fee must be paid into the state treasury and credited as follows:

(1) $11 of the additional fee for each first duplicate license, and $7 of the additional fee for each renewal, must be credited to the motorcycle safety fund, which is hereby created; provided that ten percent of fee receipts in excess of $750,000 in a fiscal year must be credited to the general fund.

(2) The remainder of the additional fee must be credited to the general fund.

(b) All application forms prepared by the commissioner for two-wheeled vehicle endorsements must clearly state the amount of the total fee that is dedicated to the motorcycle safety fund.

Subd. 2b. Never effective. See Laws 1991, c 291 art 19 s 11

Subd. 3. Contents of application; other information. (a) An application must:

(1) state the full name, date of birth, sex, and residence address of the applicant;

(2) as may be required by the commissioner, contain a description of the applicant and any other facts pertaining to the applicant, the applicant's driving privileges, and the applicant's ability to operate a motor vehicle with safety;

(3) state:

(i) the applicant's Social Security number; or

(ii) if the applicant does not have a Social Security number and is applying for a Minnesota identification card, instruction permit, or class D provisional or driver's license, that the applicant certifies that the applicant does not have a Social Security number;

(4) contain a space where the applicant may indicate a desire to make an anatomical gift according to paragraph (b); and

(5) contain a notification to the applicant of the availability of a living will/health care directive designation on the license under section 171.07, subdivision 7.

(b) If the applicant does not indicate a desire to make an anatomical gift when the application is made, the applicant must be offered a donor document in accordance with section 171.07, subdivision 5. The application must contain statements sufficient to comply with the requirements of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (1987), sections 525.921 to 525.9224, so that execution of the application or donor document will make the anatomical gift as provided in section 171.07, subdivision 5, for those indicating a desire to make an anatomical gift. The application must be accompanied by information describing Minnesota laws regarding anatomical gifts and the need for and benefits of anatomical gifts, and the legal implications of making an anatomical gift, including the law governing revocation of anatomical gifts. The commissioner shall distribute a notice that must accompany all applications for and renewals of a driver's license or Minnesota identification card. The notice must be prepared in conjunction with a Minnesota organ procurement organization that is certified by the federal Department of Health and Human Services and must include:

(1) a statement that provides a fair and reasonable description of the organ donation process, the care of the donor body after death, and the importance of informing family members of the donation decision; and

(2) a telephone number in a certified Minnesota organ procurement organization that may be called with respect to questions regarding anatomical gifts.

(c) The application must be accompanied also by information containing relevant facts relating to:

(1) the effect of alcohol on driving ability;

(2) the effect of mixing alcohol with drugs;

(3) the laws of Minnesota relating to operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance; and

(4) the levels of alcohol-related fatalities and accidents in Minnesota and of arrests for alcohol-related violations.

Subd. 3a. Middle name. For the purposes of subdivision 3, and section 171.07, subdivision 1, the full name of a married applicant may include, at the option of the applicant, the applicant's family name prior to marriage instead of the applicant's given middle name, notwithstanding the middle name specified on the applicant's marriage certificate.

Subd. 4. Repealed, 1997 c 250 s 17

Subd. 5. Repealed, 1979 c 150 s 2

Subd. 6. Compliance with selective service system registration requirements. (a) By applying for an original, duplicate, or renewal instruction permit, provisional driver's license, driver's license, commercial driver's license, or state identification card, an applicant under the age of 26, who is a United States citizen or resident, consents to registration in compliance with the requirements of the Military Selective Service Act, United States Code, title 50, appendix, section 453. The application form must state that submission of the application constitutes consent to registration with the selective service system, if required by federal law.

(b) The commissioner shall forward to the selective service system in an electronic format the necessary personal information required for registration of an applicant described in paragraph (a). If the applicant is under the age of 18, and the license or card to be issued will expire after the applicant's 18th birthday, then the commissioner shall forward the necessary information to the selective service system when the applicant reaches the age of 18.

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