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CHAPTER 171. Drivers' licenses and training schools

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
171.01 Definitions.


171.015 Driver's License Division.
171.02 Licenses; types, endorsements, restrictions.
171.03 Persons exempt.
171.04 Persons not eligible for drivers' licenses.
171.041 Restricted license for farm work.
171.042 Driver's license for medical reason.
171.043 Notice of persons under driver's license cancellation.
171.05 Instruction permit.
171.055 Provisional license.
171.06 Application for license, permit, identification card; fees.
171.061 Driver's license agent.
171.07 Information on license and identification card.
171.0701 Driver education; organ and tissue donation.
171.071 Photograph on license or identification card.
171.08 Licensee to have license in possession.
171.09 Driving restrictions; authority, violations.
171.10 Duplicate license; vehicle endorsement.
171.11 Duplicate license; change of domicile or name.
171.12 Driving record; filing; private data; surcharge.
171.121 Use of another's residence address.
171.13 Examination.
171.131 Physician reporting to commissioner.
171.14 Cancellation.
171.15 Nonresident's driving privilege.
171.16 Court may recommend suspension.
171.162 Commercial driver's license, records check.
171.165 Commercial driver's license, disqualification.
171.166 Review of disqualification.
171.167 Notice to commercial driver's license information system.
171.17 Revocation.
171.171 Suspension; illegal purchase of alcohol or tobacco.
171.172 Revocation; controlled substance offense.
171.173 Suspension; underage drinking offense.
171.174 Revocation; fleeing peace officer offense.
171.175 Suspension; theft of gasoline offense.
171.176 Revocation or suspension; school attendance.
171.18 Suspension.
171.181 Resident driving privilege.
171.182 Suspension; uninsured vehicle.
171.183 Satisfaction of judgment.
171.184 Installment payments.
171.185 [Repealed, 1Sp2005 c 6 art 2 s 48]
171.186 Suspension for nonpayment of support; limited license.
171.19 Petition for court hearing on license reinstatement.
171.20 Minnesota license required; conditions, fees.
171.21 Copy of record as evidence.
171.22 Unlawful acts relating to driver's license.
171.23 Renting vehicle to unlicensed driver.
171.24 Violations; driving without valid license.
171.241 Chapter violations; misdemeanors.
171.245 [Repealed, 1978 c 727 s 11]
171.25 Enforcement; delegation of authority.
171.26 Money credited to funds.
171.27 Expiration of license.
171.28 Citation, Driver's License Law.
171.29 Revoked license; examination for new license.
171.30 Limited license.
171.302 License violations; consecutive sentencing.
171.305 Ignition interlock device.
171.31 Information on person receiving blindness benefits.
171.32 Action upon information relating to blindness.
171.321 Qualifications of school bus driver.
171.3215 Canceling bus endorsement for certain offenses.
171.3216 Actions on school bus endorsement.
171.322 Age limit for operator of vehicle for hire.
171.323 [Repealed, 1993 c 142 s 4]
171.324 Hazardous materials license endorsement background checks.


171.33 Driver training school; definitions.
171.34 License for school required.
171.35 License for instructor required.
171.36 License renewal; fees; proceeds to driver services operating account.
171.37 Inspection and examination.
171.38 School or instructor license denial or revocation.
171.39 Exemptions.
171.40 Driver training school violation; petty misdemeanor.
171.41 Cooperation of state agencies.


171.50 Driver License Compact.
171.51 Definitions.
171.52 Transfer of information.
171.53 Compact administrator.
171.54 Reporting to licensing authority.
171.55 Out-of-state convictions given effect.
171.56 Filing of bylaws and amendments.

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