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Subdivision 1.License renewals.

(a) A licensed real estate appraiser must present evidence satisfactory to the commissioner of having met the continuing education requirements of this chapter before the commissioner renews a license.

The basic continuing education requirement for renewal of a license is the completion by the applicant either as a student or as an instructor, during the immediately preceding term of licensing, of at least 30 classroom hours of instruction in courses or seminars that have received the approval of the commissioner. Classroom hour credit must not be accepted for courses of less than two hours. As part of the continuing education requirements of this section, the commissioner must require that all real estate appraisers successfully complete the seven-hour national USPAP update course every two years. If the applicant's immediately preceding term of licensing consisted of six or more months, but fewer than 24 months, the applicant must provide evidence of completion of 15 hours of instruction during the license period. The credit hours required under this section may be credited to a person for distance education courses that meet Appraiser Qualifications Board criteria. An approved prelicense education course may be taken for continuing education credit.

(b) The 15-hour USPAP course cannot be used to satisfy the requirement to complete the seven-hour national USPAP update course every two years.

(c) Notwithstanding section 326.56, subdivision 2, a licensed real estate appraiser returning from active military duty may be placed in active status for a period of up to 90 days pending completion of all continuing education requirements.

Subd. 2.Rules.

(a) The commissioner may adopt rules to assure that persons renewing their licenses as licensed real estate appraisers have current knowledge of real property appraisal theories, practices, and techniques that will provide a high degree of service and protection to those members of the public with whom they deal in a professional relationship under authority of their license.

(b) To the extent the commissioner considers it appropriate, courses or parts of courses may be considered to satisfy both continuing education requirements under this section and continuing real estate education requirements.

(c) As a prerequisite for course approval, education providers must submit proposed monitoring methods, and systems for recording attendance sufficient to ensure that participants receive course credit only for portions actually attended.

Subd. 3.Reinstatements.

A license as a real estate appraiser that has been revoked as a result of disciplinary action by the commissioner may not be reinstated unless the applicant presents evidence of completion of the continuing education required by this chapter. This requirement may not be imposed upon an applicant for reinstatement who has been required to successfully complete the examination for real estate appraiser as a condition to reinstatement of a license.

Subd. 4.Renewal of accreditation.

The commissioner is authorized to establish a procedure for renewal of course accreditation.

NOTE: The amendments to subdivisions 1 and 2 by Laws 2009, chapter 63, sections 73 and 74, are effective July 1, 2010. Laws 2009, chapter 63, section 78.