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Under the direction of the department, a sealer shall:

(1) supervise the storage of grain;

(2) ascertain the amount stored by each owner who wants to come under this chapter;

(3) determine the exact grade and quantity of stored grain, so far as possible under rules made under this chapter;

(4) ascertain, before issuing a certificate, that the bin, crib, granary, or other receptacle in which grain is stored is satisfactory for the storage of that grain and that the receptacle conforms to the applicable rules of the department.

A sealer shall, before delivering a certificate to an owner, ascertain that there are no other certificates outstanding upon the grain and seal the receptacle in which the grain is stored as provided in this chapter. The sealer shall then make periodic inspections of the sealed receptacles at times and in the manner the department requires, but at least once every 90 days. The sealer shall send to the department, and to the owner when requested, a report or affidavit concerning each periodic inspection in the form required by the department. The report must cover the amount and condition of the grain under seal and the condition of the structure within which it is stored.