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Subdivision 1.Requirement; exceptions.

Except as otherwise provided, no person shall act as an independent adjuster, public adjuster, or public adjuster solicitor for money, a commission, or any other thing of value, unless such person shall first obtain from the commissioner a license. No license shall be required for:

(1) a person acting in a catastrophe or emergency situation, and who has registered with the commissioner for that purpose;

(2) a nonresident adjuster who occasionally is in this state to adjust a single loss; provided, however, that if a nonresident adjusts more than six losses in this state in one year the adjuster must qualify for and receive a nonresident's license as provided in sections 72B.01 to 72B.14, and provided the adjuster's domiciliary state affords a like privilege.

Subd. 2.Classes of licenses.

(a) There shall be four classes of licenses, as follows:

(1) independent adjuster's license;

(2) public adjuster's license;

(3) public adjuster solicitor's license; and

(4) crop hail adjuster's license.

(b) The independent adjuster and public adjuster licenses shall be issued in at least three fields each, as follows:

(1) fire and allied lines, inland marine lines and including all perils under homeowners policies;

(2) all lines written as casualty insurance under section 60A.06, and including workers' compensation; and

(3) a combination of the fields described in clauses (1) and (2). Separate licenses shall be required for each field, but the same person may obtain licenses in more than one field. No person shall be licensed as both a public and independent adjuster. The license shall state the class for which the person is licensed and, where applicable, the field in which the person is licensed, and shall state the licensee's name and residence address, the date of issuance and the date of expiration of the license and any other information prescribed by the commissioner which is consistent with the purpose of the license.

Subd. 3.Payment for services; unlawful practice.

No insurer, agent, or other representative of an insurer nor any adjuster shall pay any fee or other compensation to any person for acting as an adjuster, or a public adjuster solicitor, except to a person duly licensed to so act or to a person not required to be licensed by sections 72B.01 to 72B.14; and it shall be unlawful for any person to act as an independent adjuster, a public adjuster or a public adjuster solicitor, who is not duly licensed, or excluded from the licensing requirement.

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