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    Subdivision 1. Program. A program or programs for use in an election conducted by
means of an electronic voting system or using an electronic ballot marker shall be prepared at
the direction of the county auditor or municipal clerk who is responsible for the conduct of the
election and shall be independently verified by a competent person designated by that official. The
term "competent person" as used in this section means a person who can demonstrate knowledge
as a computer programmer and who is other than and wholly independent of any person operating
or employed by the counting center or the corporation or other preparer of the program. A test
deck prepared by a competent person shall be used for independent verification of the program; it
shall test the maximum digits used in totaling the returns and shall be usable by insertion during
the tabulation process as well as prior to tabulation. A test deck must also be prepared using the
electronic ballot marker program and must also be used to verify that all valid votes counted by
the vote tabulator may be selected using the electronic ballot marker. The secretary of state shall
adopt rules further specifying test procedures.
    Subd. 2. Plan. (a) Subject to paragraph (b), the municipal clerk in a municipality where an
electronic voting system is used and the county auditor of a county in which an electronic voting
system is used in more than one municipality and the county auditor of a county in which a
counting center serving more than one municipality is located shall prepare a plan which indicates
acquisition of sufficient facilities, computer time, and professional services and which describes
the proposed manner of complying with section 206.80. The plan must be signed, notarized,
and submitted to the secretary of state more than 60 days before the first election at which the
municipality uses an electronic voting system. Prior to July 1 of each subsequent general election
year, the clerk or auditor shall submit to the secretary of state notification of any changes to
the plan on file with the secretary of state. The secretary of state shall review each plan for its
sufficiency and may request technical assistance from the Department of Administration or other
agency which may be operating as the central computer authority. The secretary of state shall
notify each reporting authority of the sufficiency or insufficiency of its plan within 20 days
of receipt of the plan. The attorney general, upon request of the secretary of state, may seek a
district court order requiring an election official to fulfill duties imposed by this subdivision or
by rules promulgated pursuant to this section.
(b) Systems implemented by counties and municipalities in calendar year 2006 are exempt
from paragraph (a) and section 206.58, subdivision 4, if:
(1) the municipality has fewer than 10,000 residents; and
(2) a valid county plan was filed by the county auditor of the county in which the
municipality is located.
    Subd. 3. Bond. Before a contract is awarded to any vendor for preparation of a program for
use with an electronic voting system, the vendor shall furnish the secretary of state with a sufficient
bond conditioned on preparing the program in conformity with Minnesota Election Law and the
instructions delivered to the vendor by the county auditor or municipal clerk who is responsible
for the conduct of the election. The secretary of state shall send notice of the receipt or forfeiture
of any such bond to each official on the user list. On or before March 15 of every even-numbered
year the county auditor shall send to the secretary of state the current user list for the county.
History: 1984 c 447 s 24; 1986 c 362 s 9; 1986 c 444; 1987 c 175 s 14; 2005 c 162 s
21,22; 2006 c 242 s 32

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes