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CHAPTER 97B. Hunting

Table of Sections
Section Headnote



97B.001 Trespass.
97B.002 Civil trespass.
97B.005 Training dogs.
97B.011 Dogs pursuing big game.
97B.015 Firearms safety and wildlife identification course.
97B.020 Firearms safety certificate required.
97B.021 Possession of firearms by persons under age 16.
97B.025 Hunter and trapper education.
97B.026 Trapper education certificate requirement.
97B.031 Use and possession of firearms.
97B.035 Restrictions on archery equipment.
97B.041 Possession of firearms and ammunition restricted in deer zones.
97B.045 Transportation of firearms.
97B.051 Transportation of archery bows.
97B.055 Discharging firearms and bows and arrows.
97B.061 Reports and records.
97B.065 Hunting while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
97B.066 Chemical testing.
97B.071 Blaze orange requirements.
97B.075 Hunting restricted between evening and morning.
97B.081 Using artificial lights to locate animals.
97B.085 Use of radios to take animals.
97B.091 Use of motor vehicles to chase wild animals prohibited.
97B.095 Disturbing burrows and dens.
97B.101 Hunting with ferrets prohibited.
97B.105 Hunting by falconry.
97B.1055 Hunting by persons with mental retardation or a related condition.
97B.106 Crossbow permits for hunting and fishing.
97B.111 Special firearm hunting seasons for physically disabled.
97B.112 Special hunts for youth.
97B.115 Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibition.


97B.201 No open season for caribou or antelope.
97B.205 Use of dogs and horses to take big game prohibited.
97B.211 Hunting big game by archery.


97B.301 Deer licenses and limits.
97B.305 Commissioner may limit number of deer hunters.
97B.311 Deer seasons and restrictions.
97B.312 [Repealed, 2000 c 495 s 53]
97B.315 [Repealed, 1988 c 588 s 17]
97B.321 Snares, traps, set guns, and swivel guns prohibited.
97B.325 Deer stand restrictions.
97B.326 Stands and blinds on public lands.


97B.401 Bear license required.
97B.405 Commissioner may limit number of bear hunters.
97B.411 Bear season and restrictions.
97B.415 Taking bear to protect property.
97B.421 Permit required to snare bears.
97B.425 Baiting bears.
97B.431 Bear hunting guides.


97B.501 Moose license required.
97B.505 Moose season and restrictions.
97B.511 Moose stand restrictions.


97B.515 Elk; license required, seasons, restrictions.
97B.516 Elk management plan.


97B.601 Small game licenses.
97B.603 Taking small game as a party.
97B.605 Commissioner may restrict taking of certain small game animals.
97B.611 Squirrels.
97B.615 Rabbit and hare season.
97B.621 Raccoons.
97B.625 Bobcat.
97B.631 Fox.
97B.635 Fisher; badger; opossum; and pine marten.
97B.641 Cougar, lynx, and wolverine.
97B.645 Gray wolves.
97B.646 Gray wolf management plan.
97B.651 Unprotected mammals and birds.
97B.655 Taking animals causing damage.
97B.661 Removal of beaver from state lands.
97B.665 Impairment of drainage by beaver dams.
97B.667 Removal of beaver dams and lodges by road authorities.
97B.671 Predator control program.


97B.701 Protected birds.
97B.705 Restrictions on trapping birds.
97B.711 Game birds.
97B.715 Pheasants.
97B.716 Prairie chickens.
97B.721 License and stamp validation required to take turkey; tagging and registration requirements.
97B.723 Commissioner may limit number of turkey hunters.
97B.725 Guiding hunters.
97B.731 Migratory birds.


97B.801 Minnesota migratory waterfowl stamp required.
97B.802 Special Canada goose season license required.
97B.803 Migratory waterfowl seasons and limits.
97B.805 Restrictions on method of taking waterfowl on water.
97B.811 Decoys and blinds on public lands and waters.


97B.901 Registration and tagging of fur-bearing animals.
97B.905 Fur dealer's licenses.
97B.911 Muskrat seasons.
97B.915 Mink seasons.
97B.921 Otter seasons.
97B.925 Beaver seasons.
97B.926 Pine marten and fisher zone.
97B.928 Identification of traps and snares.
97B.931 Tending traps.
97B.935 [Repealed, 2005 c 146 s 52]
97B.941 Tampering with traps.
97B.945 Setting of traps near water restricted.
97B.951 Use of snares to take unprotected mammals.

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Revisor of Statutes