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CHAPTER 576. Receivers, property of absentees

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
576.01 Receivers, when authorized.
576.011 Definitions.
576.02 [Repealed, 1974 c 394 s 12]
576.04 Absentees; possession, management, and disposition of property.
576.05 Warrant; sheriff to take possession of property; fees and costs.
576.06 Notice of seizure; appointment of receiver; disposition of property.
576.07 Publication of notice.
576.08 Hearing by court; dismissal of proceeding; appointment and bond of receiver.
576.09 Possession of property by receiver.
576.10 Additional property; receiver to take possession.
576.11 Where no corporeal property; receiver; bond.
576.12 Care of property; lease; sale; control of business.
576.121 Advance life insurance payments to absentee's beneficiary.
576.122 Hearing by court; determination of right to advance life insurance payments.
576.123 Reappearance of absentee.
576.13 Use of proceeds.
576.14 Claims; adjustment by receiver.
576.141 Presumption of death from absence.
576.142 Hearing by court; determination of death of an absentee.
576.143 Degree of burden of proof.
576.144 Dissolution of marriage.
576.15 Compensation of receiver; title of absentee lost after four years.
576.16 Property distribution; time limitation.

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