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422A.11 Military service.

Subdivision 1. Service credit. Any employee who engages in or has engaged in active service in time of war or other emergency declared by proper authority, in any of the military or naval forces of the state or of the United States, and returns to the employment of the city within 90 days following release from military or naval service, shall receive credit for the period of military service as provided in this section as though actually employed by the city, provided the employee was a member of the contributing class of the retirement fund at the time of entrance into military service, or was a member of the exempt class at the time of entrance into military service prior to December 31, 1945, or qualifies as a member of the exempt class as specified in section 422A.09, subdivision 3, clause (5), notwithstanding the provisions of the Veterans Preference Act or any other law, rule or bylaw providing for credit for military service for pension purposes. Employees on leave of absence or layoff at time of entrance into military service as herein provided shall be considered employees for the purpose of this chapter. Credit shall be granted for military service rendered, provided that credit for military service shall not exceed six calendar years.

Subd. 2. Credit after refund. Any employee who was a member of the contributing class of the fund at the time of entrance into military service and who resigned from the service of the city and received a refund of the employee's personal contribution to the fund and who is reemployed by the city and again becomes a contributing member of the fund shall receive credit for military service as provided by this section upon repaying to the fund the amount of the refund plus interest thereon at six percent compounded annually until fully paid and the further payment to the fund without interest of the amount the contribution would have totaled had the employee continued as a contributing member of the fund during the period of military service. No contribution shall be made by the city to the credit of an employee's account for the period of such military service.

Subd. 3. Calculation of credit. The retirement board shall determine and compute the amount of the contributions which said employee would have made to such fund if employment had not been interrupted by military service. The amount so determined and computed shall constitute an obligation of and be paid by the city or public corporation, and shall be credited to the contribution account of such employee. In determining the amount of contributions that the employee would have made if the employee had not entered military service, consideration shall be given to the employment service of employees who did not enter military service with like classification, seniority rights, length of service, and other factors determining probable time of employment.

Subd. 4. Separation from service. In the event that such employee becomes separated from the service, except by retirement or death, prior to the expiration of five years subsequent to the date on which the employee was reinstated as an employee, such contribution may not be withdrawn by said employee, but shall be canceled and credited to the reserve for annuities account of this fund. If an employee returns to the service after being separated as provided herein, credit shall be granted upon payment of the separation refund required by section 422A.22. In determining the five year period, there shall be included only time of actual employment.

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