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CHAPTER 422A. Retirement allowances, minneapolis

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
422A.01 Definitions.
422A.02 Retirement board; members.
422A.03 Meetings; employees; rules and regulations.
422A.04 Expenses; reports; records; powers.
422A.05 Trustee of funds.
422A.06 Retirement fund.
422A.07 [Repealed, 1980 c 607 art 16 s 19]
422A.08 Financing of city's contribution.
422A.081 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
422A.09 Classification of employees.
422A.091 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
422A.10 Salary deductions.
422A.101 Preparation of financial requirements of fund; employer contributions.
422A.11 Military service.
422A.12 Credits; individual record.
422A.13 Retirement allowances; when paid.
422A.14 Application; approval.
422A.15 Service allowance; contributing employees.
422A.151 Alternative calculation of annuity.
422A.155 Determination of service credit.
422A.156 Limitation on certain benefit payments.
422A.16 Retirement allowance; deferred compensation.
422A.17 Retirement allowance; options.
422A.18 Disability allowances.
422A.19 Retirement; credit for service under disability.
422A.20 Death benefits; distribution.
422A.21 Retirement allowances increased.
422A.22 Refunds.
422A.221 [Repealed, 1Sp2005 c 8 art 10 s 81]
422A.23 Survivor benefits.
422A.231 Cost allocation.
422A.24 Allowances not assignable or subject to process.
422A.25 Continuing appropriation, rights not impaired.
422A.26 Coverage by the Public Employees Retirement Association.
422A.30 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
422A.31 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
422A.32 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
422A.33 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
422A.34 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
422A.35 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]
422A.39 [Repealed, 1981 c 224 s 276]

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