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CHAPTER 315. Religious associations

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
315.01 Formation; trustees.
315.02 Certificate of election of trustees.
315.03 Certificate recorded.
315.04 Trustees, powers.
315.05 Trustees, management powers.
315.06 Trustees, terms, election; quorum.
315.07 Voters, qualifications.
315.08 Definitions.
315.09 General powers of religious corporations.
315.10 Powers of certain corporations.
315.11 Limitation of right to hold property.
315.12 Sale or encumbrance of real estate.
315.121 Religious corporations, certain conveyances validated.
315.13 Existing societies confirmed; reorganization.
315.14 Lands held in trust.
315.15 Parish corporations, organization.
315.16 Diocesan corporations; formation; powers.
315.17 Parish of Protestant Episcopal church.
315.18 Annual meeting; vestry, election, meetings.
315.19 Articles amended.
315.20 Cathedrals.
315.21 Incorporation.
315.22 Existing churches may incorporate; reincorporation; property to vest.
315.23 Incorporation of diocesan council, synod, presbytery, conference, association, consociation, or similar organizations.
315.24 Special powers.
315.25 Annual meeting, notice of, place.
315.26 Consolidation of parishes, congregations, or churches.
315.27 Procedure for incorporation.
315.28 Privileges.
315.29 Right to hold property.
315.30 Amendment of certificate.
315.31 Amendment of articles of incorporation.
315.32 Trustees, powers; certificate, recording.
315.33 Method provided is additional.
315.34 Consolidation of religious corporations.
315.35 Resolution; notice.
315.36 Meetings; notice; organization; powers.
315.365 Merger of religious corporations.
315.37 When society ceases to exist; disposal of property.
315.38 Dissolution, application, hearing.
315.39 Title to real property.
315.40 Employee benefits.
315.41 Camp meeting associations; formation; capital stock.
315.42 Tax exempt; no streets through property.
315.43 [Repealed, 2005 c 10 art 2 s 5]
315.44 YMCA, YWCA; formation, certificate.
315.45 Classification of members.
315.46 Board of trustees may manage real property.
315.47 Property rights.
315.48 Reincorporation.
315.49 [Repealed, 1987 c 49 s 20]
315.50 Consolidation of church conferences.
315.51 JCC; definition.

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