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CHAPTER 168A. Vehicle titles

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
168A.01 Definitions.
168A.02 Application; registration and renewal.
168A.03 Exempt vehicles.
168A.04 Form and content of application.
168A.05 Certificate of title.
168A.06 Delivery of certificate.
168A.07 Conditional registration.
168A.08 Grounds for refusal to issue certificate.
168A.085 Application for title or registration, certain cases.
168A.09 Duplicate certificate.
168A.10 Transfer of interest by owner.
168A.101 Cancellation of motor vehicle sale.
168A.11 Purchase of vehicle by dealer.
168A.12 Interest passing by nonvoluntary transfer.
168A.13 Fee accompanies application; delivery of registration card and plates.
168A.14 New certificates issued, old certificates surrendered.
168A.141 Manufactured home affixed to real property.
168A.15 Reconstructed, scrapped, dismantled, or destroyed vehicles.
168A.151 Salvage title; junking certificate.
168A.152 Use and certification of title; inspection fee.
168A.153 Report of vehicle receipt; surrender of certificate.
168A.154 Salvage vehicle taken out of state.
168A.16 Inapplicable lien or security interest.
168A.17 Security interest.
168A.18 Duties of parties relating to security interest.
168A.19 Assignment of security interest.
168A.20 Satisfaction of security interest.
168A.21 Disclosure of security interest.
168A.22 Exclusive method of perfecting security interest.
168A.23 Suspension or revocation of certificate.
168A.24 Duties and powers of department.
168A.25 Review by district court.
168A.26 [Repealed, 1989 c 148 s 16]
168A.27 [Repealed, 1989 c 148 s 16]
168A.28 [Repealed, 1989 c 148 s 16]
168A.29 Fees.
168A.30 Violations and penalties.
168A.31 Disposition of fees; payment of expenses.
168A.40 Automobile theft prevention program.

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