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CHAPTER 308B. Cooperative associations act

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
308B.001 Citation.


308B.005 Definitions.
308B.007 Legal recognition of electronic records and signatures.


308B.101 Reservation of right.
308B.111 Filing fees.
308B.115 Registered office and agent.
308B.121 Periodic registration.
308B.151 Foreign cooperatives.


308B.201 Organizational purpose.
308B.205 Organizers.
308B.211 Cooperative name.
308B.215 Articles of organization.
308B.221 Amendment of articles.
308B.225 Amendment of organizational documents to be governed by this chapter.
308B.231 Curative filing.
308B.235 Existence.
308B.241 Bylaws.
308B.245 Cooperative records.


308B.301 Powers.
308B.305 Emergency powers.
308B.311 Agricultural product marketing contracts.


308B.401 Board governs cooperative.
308B.405 Number of directors.
308B.411 Election of directors.
308B.415 Filling vacancies.
308B.421 Removal of directors.
308B.425 Board of directors' meetings.
308B.431 Quorum.
308B.435 Act of board of directors.
308B.441 Action without a meeting.
308B.445 Audit committee.
308B.451 Committees.
308B.455 Standard of conduct.
308B.461 Director conflicts of interest.
308B.465 Limitation of director's liability.


308B.471 Indemnification.


308B.475 Officers.


308B.501 Members.
308B.505 Member not liable for cooperative debts.
308B.511 Regular members' meetings.
308B.515 Special members' meetings.
308B.521 Certification of meeting notice.
308B.525 Quorum.
308B.531 Remote communications for member meetings.
308B.535 Act of members.
308B.541 Action without a meeting.
308B.545 Member voting rights.
308B.551 Patron member voting based on patronage.
308B.555 Voting rights.
308B.561 Voting by organizations and legal representatives.
308B.565 Proxies.
308B.571 Sale of property and assets.
308B.575 Vote of ownership interests held by cooperative.


308B.601 Membership interests.
308B.605 Assignment of financial rights.
308B.611 Nature of a membership interest and statement of interest owned.
308B.615 Certificated membership interests.
308B.621 Lost certificates; replacement.
308B.625 Restriction on transfer or registration of membership interests.
308B.627 Member control agreements.


308B.701 Authorization, form, and acceptance of contributions.
308B.705 Restatement of value of previous contributions.
308B.711 Contribution agreements.
308B.715 Contribution rights agreements.
308B.721 Allocations and distributions to members.
308B.725 Allocations and distributions to patron members.
308B.735 Distribution of unclaimed property.


308B.801 Merger and consolidation.
308B.805 Merger of subsidiary.
308B.835 Abandonment.


308B.901 Methods of dissolution.
308B.905 Winding up.
308B.911 Revocation of dissolution proceedings.
308B.915 Statute of limitations.
308B.921 Articles of dissolution.
308B.925 Application for court-supervised voluntary dissolution.
308B.931 Court-ordered remedies or dissolution.
308B.935 Procedure in involuntary or court-supervised voluntary dissolution.
308B.941 Receiver qualifications and powers.
308B.945 Dissolution action by attorney general; administrative dissolution.
308B.951 Filing claims in court-supervised dissolution proceedings.
308B.955 Discontinuance of court-supervised dissolution proceedings.
308B.961 Court-supervised dissolution order.
308B.965 Filing court's dissolution order.
308B.971 Barring of claims.
308B.975 Right to sue or defend after dissolution.

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