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144.414 Prohibitions.

Subdivision 1. Public places. No person shall smoke in a public place or at a public meeting except in designated smoking areas. This prohibition does not apply in cases in which an entire room or hall is used for a private social function and seating arrangements are under the control of the sponsor of the function and not of the proprietor or person in charge of the place. Furthermore, this prohibition shall not apply to places of work not usually frequented by the general public, except that the state commissioner of health shall establish rules to restrict or prohibit smoking in factories, warehouses, and those places of work where the close proximity of workers or the inadequacy of ventilation causes smoke pollution detrimental to the health and comfort of nonsmoking employees.

Subd. 2. Day care premises. Smoking is prohibited in a day care center licensed under Minnesota Rules, parts 9503.0005 to 9503.0175, or in a family home or in a group family day care provider home licensed under Minnesota Rules, parts 9502.0300 to 9502.0445, during its hours of operation.

Subd. 3. Health care facilities and clinics. (a) Smoking is prohibited in any area of a hospital, health care clinic, doctor's office, or other health care-related facility, other than a nursing home, boarding care facility, or licensed residential facility, except as allowed in this subdivision.

(b) Smoking by participants in peer reviewed scientific studies related to the health effects of smoking may be allowed in a separated room ventilated at a rate of 60 cubic feet per minute per person pursuant to a policy that is approved by the commissioner and is established by the administrator of the program to minimize exposure of nonsmokers to smoke.

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