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299C.53 Missing child report; duties of commissioner and law enforcement agencies.

Subdivision 1. Investigation and entry of information. Upon receiving a report of a child believed to be missing, a law enforcement agency shall conduct a preliminary investigation to determine whether the child is missing. If the child is initially determined to be missing and endangered, the agency shall immediately consult the bureau of criminal apprehension during the preliminary investigation, in recognition of the fact that the first two hours are critical. If the child is determined to be missing, the agency shall immediately enter identifying and descriptive information about the child through the CJIS into the NCIC computer. Law enforcement agencies having direct access to the CJIS and the NCIC computer shall enter and retrieve the data directly and shall cooperate in the entry and retrieval of data on behalf of law enforcement agencies which do not have direct access to the systems.

Subd. 2. Location of missing child. Immediately after a missing child is located, the law enforcement agency which located or returned the missing child shall notify the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the investigation, and that agency shall cancel the entry from the NCIC computer.

Subd. 3. Missing and endangered children. If the bureau of criminal apprehension receives a report from a law enforcement agency indicating that a child is missing and endangered, the superintendent may assist the law enforcement agency in conducting the preliminary investigation, offer resources, and assist the agency in helping implement the investigation policy with particular attention to the need for immediate action.

HIST: 1984 c 510 s 3; 1994 c 636 art 4 s 25,26