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CHAPTER 299C. Bureau of criminal apprehension

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
299C.01 Criminal bureau.
299C.03 Superintendent; rules.
299C.04 Employees, civil service; expenses.
299C.041 [Repealed, 1982 c 568 s 13]
299C.05 Division of criminal statistics.
299C.06 Division powers and duties; cooperation.
299C.063 Bomb disposal expense reimbursement.
299C.065 Undercover buy fund; witness and victim protection.
299C.066 Crime information reward fund.
299C.07 Restoration or disposal of stolen property.
299C.08 Oath of superintendent and employees.
299C.09 System for identifying criminals; record, index.
299C.091 Criminal gang investigative data system.
299C.093 Database of registered predatory offenders.
299C.095 System for identifying juvenile offenders.
299C.10 Identification data required.
299C.11 Identification data furnished to bureau.
299C.111 Suspense file reporting.
299C.115 Warrant information provided to state.
299C.12 Record kept by peace officer; report.
299C.13 Information furnished to peace officer.
299C.14 Information on released prisoner.
299C.145 Distinctive physical mark identification system.
299C.147 Conditional release data system.
299C.15 Cooperation; criminal identification organizations.
299C.155 Standardized evidence collection; DNA analysis.
299C.16 Information broadcast to peace officers.
299C.17 Report by court administrator.
299C.18 Bureau operations report.
299C.19 Employees included in workers' compensation laws.
299C.20 Statutory construction.
299C.21 Penalty on local officer refusing information.
299C.22 Security guard; discharge of firearm; report.
299C.23 Continuing education fee; appropriation.
299C.30 Radio broadcasting station may be installed.
299C.31 Bureau to maintain station.
299C.32 Police car to have radio.
299C.33 Receiving station in city.
299C.34 Commissioner to supply broadcasting set.
299C.35 Bureau to broadcast criminal information.
299C.36 Priority for station calls and messages.
299C.37 Police communication equipment; use, sale.
299C.38 Priority of police communications; misdemeanor.
299C.45 [Repealed, 1977 c 424 s 5]
299C.46 Criminal justice data communications network.
299C.47 [Repealed, 1976 c 149 s 63]
299C.48 Connection by authorized agency; standing appropriation.
299C.49 Grant review.
299C.50 Transfer of functions.
299C.51 Citation.
299C.52 Minnesota missing child program.
299C.53 Missing child report; duties of commissioner and law enforcement agencies.
299C.54 Missing children bulletin.
299C.55 Training.
299C.56 Release of medical data.
299C.60 Citation.
299C.61 Definitions.
299C.62 Background check.
299C.63 Exception; other laws.
299C.64 Bureau immunity.
299C.65 Criminal and juvenile information policy group.
299C.66 Citation.
299C.67 Definitions.
299C.68 Background check on manager.
299C.69 Owner duties if manager convicted of crime.
299C.70 Penalty.
299C.71 Bureau immunity.